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PC Britain advances ever daily.

“Buckingham Palace has issued an extraordinary apology after the Queen’s shop at Sandringham was found to be selling…GASP… golliwogs.

It followed the furore over Carol Thatcher’s use of the word golliwog during a private conversation after the BBC’s One Show.

The male and female dolls have been available at the gift shop on the Norfolk estate for more than a year at £9.99 each. They are made by Trendle International, a family business based in Somerset, who describe their line of ‘gollies’ as one of their most popular ‘speciality’ products. In the wake of the row over Carol Thatcher’s comments, senior aides said the toys would be immediately removed from sale.”

Just a few things here.

1. These dolls shoulld NOT have been taking off sale in the first place.

2. To whom is Buckingham Palace apologising precisely?

3. Since when did the term “golliwog” become illegal in this country?

The persecution of Carol Thatcher by the spiteful trash in the BBC is one thing but to allow this contagion to spread even wider is worse. It’s time we said enough to the PC brigade. Or maybe Golly, that’s enough? 

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19 thoughts on “GOLLY GOSH!

  1. RCA Victor have announced that they are withdrawing the song, ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’ from the back catalogue, as a result of the furore caused by the sacking of Carol Thatcher and the withdrawal of ‘Golly’ Dolls from the Sandringham shop.

    Whilst one of the UK’s leading domain name companies have closed down the following sites, http://www.gollyworld.co.uk, http://www.gollyweb.co.uk,, http://www.gollycorner.co.uk and http://www.byegolly.co.uk.

    Dell Computers has also withdrawn the use of the term PC for their personal computer, due to the misuse of the term by the PC brigade.

  2. Hope the pc zealots approach the Stranglers about their classic ‘I feel like a wog’ on the No More Heroes album. They’ll be told to bugger off.

  3. Seems to me there’s a whole heap of very easily ‘offended’ people around. One of those people is none other than Jo Brand, she of the so-called comedy slot filled with obscenity, obscene jokes and gestures, and all in the spirit of letting it all hang out, and where Jo is, there’s an awful lot to hang out!

  4. Explain again what these dolls are doing at the Palace gift shop? Making the Royal Family seem less foreign in comparison?

  5. "1. These dolls shoulld NOT have been taking off sale in the first place. "

    They should not have been on sale in the first place.

    "2. To whom is Buckingham Palace apologising precisely?"

    To the world it plundered and pillaged?

    "3. Since when did the term "golliwog" become illegal in this country?"

    It is not illegal. It is distateful, uncouth and really embarassing for you that you would be even asking such questions, David.

  6. Has the BBC sacked Carol Thatcher for using the term ‘golliwog’? Is Jonathon Ross now back at his multi-million pound job after the abuse that he directed at one of Britain’s favourite actors?

  7. Mahons,

    I believe the dolls were on sale because folks wanted to buy them. That’s the usual explanation in a capitalist society.

  8. I suppose Robertsons the jam makers are next on the hit list for all the liberal do gooders out there.

    How on earth did they get away with displaying Gollywogs on their jars all these years ?

    My my ! But I suppose there’s always Hartleys, isn’t there ?

    Did you ever hear such PC left wing tosh?

  9. Oh, and while I am in the subject, wonder if anyone remembers the popular and much acclaimed drama series "Monarch of the Glen"? It was a BIG hit. One of the lead characters was called "Golly"" Can you guess which media company broadcast it? Clue, it begins with a B and ends in hypocrisy.

  10. Hey !

    If that wog in the picture got a haircut it would look almost like that guy who’s the President of the USA 🙂

  11. David,

    "One of the lead characters was called "Golly"" "

    What? That’s like saying Pa from the Waltons is something to do with the term ‘Paki’.

  12. If the left can call GWB ‘chimp’, can the right call Obama ‘golliwog’? Not that I see any need for change as I’d happily use ‘chimp’.

  13. Well Frank – rather like Pakistanis the Waltons were a big family though I don’t recall Mary Ellen considering strapping on the explosives belt favoured by some of those that hail from Pa-land.

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