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Julia over on Ambush Predator picks up on this remarkable instance of judicial stupidity!

“Sally Metcalfe Gibson, chairman of the bench, told Langham: ‘These are very serious offences. You are a person of good character

Really? So, what was she up before the bench for, then?


Kelly Langham, 26, abandoned her children – aged just two, five and eight – to go to a shop to exchange some DVDs for cash.

One witness said the youngest child was strapped into a car seat and was ‘screaming, crying and red in the face’ while the others were upset.

The children became so distressed they began honking the car’s horn to raise the alarm and were finally rescued after a passer-byrang police.

Today Langham was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and a 12-month community order for drug and gambling problems.

The mother of three, who had also taken amphetamine before abandoning the youngsters

Yup, a drug-taking scummy mummy who left her kids in a locked car during a heat wave.

Yes, a woman of “good character” in modern Britain.

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2 thoughts on “GOOD CHARACTER?

  1. Yep;

    “‘This has been a wake-up call. Things had slipped and she accepts that. She is a very caring mother who has been doing her best and although she accepts that has not been good enough, it was a one off.”

    So besides being a magistrate, our Sally is also a fortune teller, and a pretty crap one at that!

    I wonder what any self-respecting childrens social worker would have had to say on the amphetamine use, the gambling, the missing ‘partner’ etc. When the inevitable happens, and this truly useless woman does something similar or worse, will our Sally again accept it was ‘just a one off’?

  2. The magistrate may be correct. It’s possible that there are legions of far worse parents out there in today’s Britain. BUT I flippin well hope thats not the case or as a nation we are royally screwed.

    Couple of points.
    No cash….hmmmm do you think spending the available cash on Amphetamines might have something to do with that?
    Secondly if you’ve no cash, how are you able to run a car? Tax, Insurance, MOT? Got all those have we?
    Thirdly if your driving following your usual morning chemical breakfast of ‘Snap Crack and Speed’. Isn’t that an offence? Driving whilst unfit through Drink or Drugs? Didn’t you wilfully hazard the children by driving under the influence?

    Since this wonderful caring ‘Mum’ is definitely guilty of the DUI and endangering the kiddies ..How…just HOW the flip can this wretch STILL be describved as being of ‘Good Character’?

    Has the world taken leave of it’s senses?

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