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Not being of a sporting inclination, I sometimes get the urge to consign all who do to a prolonged stay in a facility which might hammer some sense into their usually impermeable skulls!

In one respect, I can appreciate that running, for example, is a pastime worth pursuing, mainly because I still strive to keep fit by using a treadmill. Again, taking a wider look at this particular activity, I can understand why lots of people might want to run, but just cannot understand why they insist on pitting themselves against one another in races, or hill-climbs, or any other form of organised lunacy!

Again, and being as ever honest with my readers, I just do not see how the fact that one person can claim to be faster, or better than his fellow competitors makes him or her more worthy than those who come trailing in behind. I really just don’t get it! In the highest areas of this insanity, we are, as a nation, spending some ten billion pounds so that a horde of other extremely fit runners, jumpers etc. can come to our shores and conclusively prove that they are better at the named pursuits than we are, but that is just another item in the long catalogue of useless pursuits in the general area of Sport. 

I would give you a case from my previous life as a Contract Engineer, working on Water projects in Wales. I was speaking to a salesman who wanted to demonstrate his product at our offices, and I just couldn’t get through with my news that I really wasn’t interested. As a final clinching argument, as he thought, he mentioned that his other claim to fame was that he was the brother-in-law of a certain person. As I honestly didn’t know this particular name from Adam, I said so on the phone; and I was once again aware of the great gulf between myself and every other Welshman in the office, because this particular individual’s name was up there amongst the Rugby greats, or so I was informed by a horrified mate! “Don’t you know who he is?”  

It can be argued that some make a great deal of money from their activities, and that is true, but when you correlate the actual numbers of say, golfers who would like to play like Tiger Woods with the numbers of actual Tigers, you will see that my point is proven. The fact that golf is just a long walk spoilt by sand is beside the point; the huge amounts of money, time and effort allotted by the hordes in emulation of one lone man is again, I would argue, signs of mass lunacy!

So whether you agree or disagree with my general thesis, would you not at least agree that this particular bunch should have checked the internet weather pages, called their relatives to see the latest forecasts or even looked at the sky before starting out on a massed suicide attempt; or should have thought again, and gone home to a warm home, a cup of tea and a biscuit; instead of turning out the R.A.F. helicopters and all the other Rescue paraphernalia?


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One thought on “‘Good Runner; needs attention!’

  1. I’m a new visitor and I like it so far.

    On this one, I don’t think it’s fair to pit yourself against the wilderness if the wilderness isn’t allowed to win.

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