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Who says that British morality is a thing of the past? Meet Shem Davies. He’s 29. And he’s a grandfather. Naturally, Granda does not work.


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12 thoughts on “GRANDFATHER AT 29

  1. Ahhh bless…see the little chav the taxpayer will be supporting for evermore.

    Sorry but I think girls should have dermal contraceptive implants fitted at school much as they get polio vaccines now. A pity there isn’t a male version to.

    Does the person on the right look like Herman Munsters litle brother?

  2. Words (almost) fail me. At that rate how many more of their ilk will we be supporting in 10 years time. No need to be sorry DogisGreat, dermal implants sound like a good idea to me. Especially when you see something like this.

  3. Sorry if I’m being a trifle naieve, but, isan’t the legal age of consent 16 in this country? dare anybody say that there’s a crime been comitted here? A crime of a sexual nature?
    Seems simple enough to me, yet, rest assured nothing will be done — why?
    To prosecute in cases like this would send a very clear message to those who needed to hear it.

  4. Excuse me, I want to puke! What were we saying about this being a civilised society? You may think I am an intolerant frustrated patio builder, but to me these folk are a waste of time and space. That our government can carry on taxing employed citizens in all sorts of devious ways (income tax,vat, fuel tax, inheritance tax,cost of passports, tv licences etc etc etc etc,
    so that we can produce and subsidize this kind of parasitical, do nothing, achieve nothing, moronic space wasters; is incredible- absolutely shameful.
    You and I are forced to pay taxes for this!!

  5. Agit8ted,

    You’re beginning to climb my ladder of respect after I read your statement.

    OOH RAH………Kill the retards!

  6. They all look a tad…ahem…’special’ to me! I have quite vicious views on this sort of thing. They generally involve mandatory abortions and sterilisation…

    These are the kind of people who just devour my taxes.

  7. I can’t help laughing at stories like this (and doesn’t that chap on the right really bring out the worst in all of us!). Some people are so stupid they have to be retained for entertainent value.

    BTW, he isn’t Britain’s youngest granddad. A guy aged 28 had a grandson a few years back. His own great-grandmother was still alive and she duly became a …..
    great-great-great grandmother when the new child was born – 6 generations alive at the same time.
    There was also a 26-yr-old grandma in South Yorks.

  8. An obvious case for abortion? But then we have the Rightworld paper of choice the Daily Hate Daily Mail ranting on about teenage abortions and wanting to make abortion illegal greatly restrict the right to abortion, while reserving the right to rant about teenage pregnancies, and the social welfare consequences.

    If abortion was restricted as many on the right want, just imagine how many thousands more cases like this there would be.

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