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“Police ‘too busy’ to walk the streets and prevent crime”

And anyone surprised at that hasn’t lived in Britain. I assumed long ago that rozzers spend most of their time filling in forms and learning about Ramadan. The only time we see coppers now is when they blast past in a BMW or set up speed traps.

It’s only at Parliament that the police deter crime with a presence, and that’s to prevent crime against the criminals inside. Yep, it’s instant protection for the Ruling Class alright. No crime numbers 24-hours after the break in for them.

I don’t want to give the impression I’m grumbling. The police long ago became the Establishment’s Praetorian Guard, hired hands to ruthlessly enforce the State’s politically correct diktats against the British people. The further away they are the better, most of the time. Like the NHS, people should have as little to do with the police as they possibly can.

But it’s only government that can possibly give rise to headlines such as these, where income is guaranteed, all departments exist only to serve the bureaucracy and apparatchiks do anything except the simple job tax-victims are looted for. I’ll concede that I’m wrong when Tesco announces it’s too busy to sell me food.

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  1. The problem is that people want accountability from the Police.
    They want to be sure that the Police stop as many suspects of one colour as they do another colour to avoid being labelled Racist.

    People want to be sure that the Police are giving value for money, so the Police have introduced greater scrutiny and accountability of what “Plod” gets up to. This sometimes involves quotas so that we can be sure that the average Bobby is nicking enough law breakers..

    Life is tough.
    People don’t trust each other Pete.
    Bicycles are stolen at an increasingly alarming rate.
    Especially hybrid, sexy ones.

    Your friend,

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