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We live in an age when greed is respected if not admired.

Greed is fuelling the soaring cost of compensation payments to children who have been injured in Northern Ireland’s schools. DUP Education spokesman Sammy Wilson spoke out after it was revealed that last year £503,000 was paid for injuries at school – a massive rise on £221,726 the year before! That’s a huge increase by any standards, and it is taxpayers money being handed out to these opportunists. Sammy, a teacher by profession, was not quite so quick to point out that teachers received £104,023 for injuries in 2006. This rose from a mere £10, 767 in 2004. That’s a tenfold increase, by the way, which is pretty considerable.
Will Sammy criticise his own colleagues for their greed too? It strikes me that greed is as present in some teachers as it is in some pupils and their parents. I notice that the Teaching profession blames the compensation lawyers for this rise in compensation culture. But the lawyers are not FORCING parents and teachers to take these actions. It is a nasty innate GREED which does that.
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  1. Happy 4th of July, David. (American Independence Day for those who don’t know. Don’t worry, we like you now!) We will be celebrating in the usual way except that the girls will be in the local parade this year. One of Abby’s friends has a father who rebuilds old Harleys. He has concocted a bicycle built for 5 and that is what they’ll be riding. He painted it red, white, and blue, too. I’ll try to get pictures!

  2. Come now DV if you get hurt at work and it genuinely is your employers fault then fair is fair. But I agree that too many people nowadays seem to go to work/hospital/the shops actively wanting to get hurt so they can put in a claim through the ambulance chasers.

  3. Barricade

    well said!

    Employers that run their businesses so badly as to pose a danger to their employees should be made to compensate those employees. Hopefully the end result will be that they have an incentive to get their act together. You need to consider these things on their individual merits.

  4. None of the elected representatives in N.Ireland can lecture any one about greed, when you examine the multiple office holding, money grabbing exploits they shamlessly indulge themselves in.
    One man one job ought to be the norm for all political office holders in the UK.

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