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It just gets worse by the day.

Greek President Karolos Papoulias has begun talks with the heads of the three main parties, in a last attempt to form a coalition and avert another election. All three – conservative New Democracy, far-left Syriza and socialist Pasok – have failed in bids to form coalitions. Voters deserted New Democracy and Pasok at last Sunday’s polls, amid anger over tough austerity measures imposed as part of an IMF-EU bailout deal. Polls suggest the popularity of anti-bailout Syriza continues to grow.

The EU demands Greece implement austerity. Greece refuses to implement austerity. Only ONE place for Greece to go – out!

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7 thoughts on “GREEK CHAOS

  1. The EU is in freefall, Greece must be cut loose and allowed to burn. When will the majority of the European people understand, you must work, life is not a free ride.

  2. Greece is an economic nothing that doesn’t kerp honest books so this is somewhat understandable.

    Califiornia is one of the wealthiest parts of the world. It still has high tech industries that are the envy of the world, great universities, etc. Unlike the feckless Greeks, they are part of the future. With some will to do hard things, Cali can fix its problems if it wants to.

    The Greeks don’t have a good path to solutions no matter what they do, incl leaving the Euro.

  3. more industry has fled California than any other sector of the country. California is very rich, but it’s the perfect example of socialist/environmentalist failure.

    California is the model that the left would impose on the rest of the country

  4. Yes and a lot of people have left California, and many still there are thinking of leaving

  5. but regretfully democrats like rats carry their disease with them. I’ve seen 100s of thousands flee Philly, and the Ruin of 100 years of progressivism, and then vote in the same type of people where they fled to.

  6. The whites who keft Philly left to get away from the blacks

    It had little to do with tax or budgets or any of that

    Lets get real

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