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Seen this? It is the wisdom of the Leader of the UK Green Party, Natalie Bennett. and it concerns poverty

“The world is sodden with stuff, it cannot have more stuff,” said Ms Bennett. Yet [the Greens] do not appear to have considered what that would mean for billions of the world’s poorest people, almost none of whom live in Britain. When Bagehot suggested to her that there was a problem with this, Ms Bennett said he was worrying too much: to be poor in India wasn’t so bad as to be on benefits in Britain, she suggested, “because at least everyone else there is poor too”.

Phew, those lucky lucky Indians. At least they can share their poverty whilst here in the UK those on benefits have to endure watching others EARNING more income than the benefits they receive. The Green Party is having a mini-resurgence here due to the collapse of the LibDems. Yet it is clear that this cabal may be green on the outside but a VERY deep shade of red inside.

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5 thoughts on “GREEN ON THE INSIDE

  1. It looks as though the ‘cuckoo in the nest’ is getting a tad restless, and feels entitled to even more room in the ‘nest’ – or perhaps he compares better with mistletoe, – a well known parasite that makes its appearance at Christmas!

    It isn’t as though he is particularly talented…

  2. I welcome this rare moment of honesty from the Greens – that they hate humans and regard them as parasites on the surface of their deity.

  3. Poverty is relative. And someone should remind, Natalie Bennett that India has more millionaires than the UK does.

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