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It’s inevitable that as unemployment soars, there is going to be massive strain on community cohesion and those people born and bred in the UK are going to be very unhappy when they see local jobs going to foreigners. Whether this is right or wrong is beside the point, it IS happening…

Hundreds of oil refinery workers demonstrated yesterday to demand ‘British jobs for British workers’ in a row over the influx of foreign labour. Unions say up to 1,000 took part in the unofficial protest, accusing Italian and Portuguese workers of stealing their jobs. They are furious that 400 are being brought in to work on a £300million construction project, claiming qualified locals are available to do the job at a time of soaring unemployment.

The thing is that we live in a globalised employment market which has been further exacerbated by the UK’s submergence into the EU and the accompanying easing of trans EU job mobility. So, Italians to Grimsby? – no problem. The social cohesion that holds our nation together is now under pressure and as we march through 2009 I can only see this get worse. If we are not a Nation, how can we protect local jobs for local people? Being in the EU has reduced our ability to act locally, and the fruits of this are now there for all to see. Today Grimsby, tomorrow….?

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8 thoughts on “GRIM IN GRIMSBY…

  1. David:

    Word reaches me that demonstrations are taking place all the way from Riyadh down all the Gulf States. The indigenous workers are protesting about thousands of British expats "stealing their jobs".

    Just kidding.

  2. Did you see the picture of one charming Italian giving us ‘the finger’ – wonder what would have happened if the situation was in revere ie British workers taking Italian jobs!

  3. On Irish Barry’s diversion, the ex-pats in the gulf states actually are highly skilled and actually are doing jobs that the locals can’t do (because they are muslims – backward, incompetent and only ‘taught’ the koran at school). When there are no ex-pats, the oil sector becomes as messed-up as Iran’s.

    Over here, the indigenous, skilled workers are now finding that they are being replaced by workers from elsewhere in Europe who are equally skilled, but cheaper. It seems that the workers are finding out some hard realities of the EU. Come the next election, they should know who to vote for.

  4. Allan:

    "because they are muslims – backward, incompetent and only ‘taught’ the koran at school"

    Hmm, I underwent a minor but complex procedure just the other day in the Royal. The surgeon was from Qatar. We joked about people like you.

  5. Barry, I’m sure that you consider muslims to be the most advanced and caring people on earth. I also hope that your neuro-surgery went well.

    If his country was so good, why is he here?

  6. Allan:

    "Barry, I’m sure that you consider muslims to be the most advanced and caring people on earth."

    Of course I don’t. But some of the are. I don’t tar all members of a religion with the same brush. That would be silly.

    "I also hope that your neuro-surgery went well."

    Thank you for your interest. It was a minor routine examination of my oesophagous not my brain.

    "If his country was so good, why is he here?"

    Why shouldn’t he be? And I didn’t say Qatar is good. Personally I find the Emirates not to my taste.

  7. Maggie.

    Yes, quite a few million of us would have noticed that middle-finger gesture! It was universally posted around the place.

    Like the 1970s ‘winter of discontent’ this coming calamity it set to be the summer of discontent, but somehow the word ‘discontent’ seems massively inadequate.
    Insurrection & pandemonium, I would venture.

  8. When in London I was amazed at all the Italians working in pubs, bars, eateries, ect. I talked to many and siad they could hardly make it in London with the cost of living. I thought Italy was doing OK?!

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