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I see that the Alliance leader David Ford has said that any government funding of loyalists linked to the terrorist group the UDA must be halted. Big deal, it should NEVER have been started. The UDA are criminals who should all be imprisoned. Instead they are the recipients of a £1 million cash bonanza care of the utterly corrupt "peace process". The UDA are no different to the UVF and the IRA, and they are all being rewarded for not killing or maiming us. It’s repugnant to any right thinking democrat and whilst I welcome David Ford’s words, the truth is that he is QUITE happy to sit in an Assembly which contains convicted bombers and murderers, with a Deputy First Minister who is a self-confessed terrorist. Sorry, but all the political class here are hypocrites.

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12 thoughts on ““HALT” FUNDING TERRORISTS?

  1. I also agree with David Ford’s comments . The funding of criminals is wrong period .
    However I was interested in your comments re his sitting in the Assembly. Would your position be that if for example an anti-deal unionist were elected he/she should boycott the Assembly as well as the executive.

  2. ‘he is QUITE happy to sit in an Assembly which contains convicted bombers and murderers’

    I take your point David but the unpalatable fact is that approx a quarter of votes cast in NI these days are for SF. We’re long past the days when SF got their mandate from intimidation and personation. The depressing fact is that they have a considerable electoral base and if say the BNP got 25% of the vote in Britain, their MPs would be entitled to sit at Westminster, however repulsive that would be to others.

  3. David,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have always taken your position to be what I would call "anti-agreement" circa 1998. Therefore, it is logical for you to reject the Assembly as well as the Executive.

    What I never understood from almost a decade ago was how "anti-agreement" parties like DUP and UKIP could put up candidates for those agreement-created bodies.

  4. Alan,

    Good point. I have some insight into the DUP/UKUP position on this one, since as you point out, I was rather closely involved in it at the time and ever since. You’ll be able to read the full unexpurgated (!) version in the book which I am feverishly working away on – determined to have it published this year.

  5. I have some insight into the DUP/UKUP position on this one

    I am feverishly working away on – determined to have it published this year…..[David Vance]

    ..meanwhile david thinks on what might have become if he had alligned with the DUP. Well, there’s many a historical view within Ulster and overall history does tell the story.

    So all the best to David and his new book, but don’t forget those within the UDUP who helped to make you what you are.

  6. Alan,

    Thanks for the offer, I will most definitely keep it in mind.


    Life is full of "what if’s" – isn’t it? I can only try my best and be truthful and recount my experiences, hopefully in an entertaining style,over the past ten years of the "peace process."

  7. Well David, I for one will definitely buy and read your book. Do you have any idea of when it is planned to be published ?

  8. David,
    Thanks for answering my query . I tend to disagree with you on participation in the Assembly . I think it would be very uncomfortable for the executive parties to have even one anti-deal Unionist questioning and opposing their "shared future" agenda. However I see where you are coming from on this and respect your view . Needless to say participation in the Executive is an entirely different matter.

  9. Colm,

    I’m aiming for November – I have most of it written but it just takes up so much time. I am also involved in another project which might prove very interesting to ATW readers – so I just hope I can get it all done. Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated.


    Its certainly a tough one re the Assembly – and for those such as my erstwhile colleague Bob McCartney, it was a pretty thankless one. That said, as you suggest, even ONE honest man in the den of thieves may be worth while.

  10. Of course Ford is right about this, but he’s whistling Dixie and he knows it. The policy of appeasement is now fully endorsed by what has rapidly become the new political establishment in Northern Ireland, namely the DUP – Sinn Fein axis.

    Good luck with the book David. Will read with interest.

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