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Nice to see the Independent running a story that claims there is "confusion" as to whether Hamas carried out the mass murder in Jerusalem on Thursday, a mass killing claimed by Hamas and celebrated by the savages that live in Gaza. It reminds me of the days when the IRA also carried out acts of mass murder and then denied any involvement before later claiming it. There’s no mystery here – this was a Hamas operation, Hamas delight in the killing of Jews, and in this regard they must consider the death of all these young Jews as a great result. We don’t need left wing UK newspapers trying to plant the doubt that perhaps Hamas are innocent of the very crime they have admitted.   

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  1. I heard a resident from Sderot, Israel, speaking on the radio today. She said they had about 15 seconds warning of a rocket attack from Gaza.

    That’s less than 10 miles away, which suggests that Israeli radar picks them up virtually the moment they are launched, which begs the question why, on the most aerially surveyed place on earth, (Gaza) is it so difficult to pin-point them in 15 seconds?
    Is it because Sderot is dirt poor and composed mainly of Russian and African immigrants who may be low priority in the political scheme of things, but very high in propaganda value?

    Just a thought.

  2. It could have been an operation by Shin Bet to try and get some sympathy for Israel. Damn those Jews: they’ll try anything!

  3. That’s a bad thing you said there Allan. Smack botty.

    Mind you, even that ‘damn’ Brit govt back in 1982 probably tried a similar tactic when GCHQ alerted them to hostile communications traffic coming from Argentina; assemblage of men/ships/warplanes along their coast etc.
    And what a ‘surprise’ the lame-duck tory govt got when months later the Falklands were invaded. (?)

    Less of a surprise was the land-slide victory Mrs T got a year later from the after-glow of retaking them back again.

    It’s not unknown Allan, for weakened govts ANYWHERE, to ‘stage’ a war for homegrown consumption.

  4. I’m not sure that you got the position from which I wrote that comment, Bernard. Only a real Jew-baiter would propose that Israel would have arranged the slaughter of its own people: not even Olmert’s weakened government. But then, maybe you did get it?

  5. I could see you were being sarky Allan; It seems I am more cynical than you about govts ‘losing’ a few citizens, if it suits their purpose.

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