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It’s my mother’s birthday today. She has final stages Alzheimers and has no idea who I am. I even wonder if she knows who she is.  Such if life…and death. This is the only song I know on the subject and trust me, it is wildly optimistic.

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12 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Have been there with my mum, and more recently with older brother. Evil disease, wish you and yours all the best for so long as it must.

  2. It happened to my Grandmother and it is a sad business. I hope she and all of you enjoy the day somehow.

  3. My mother had Alzheimers for the last few years of her life. While it’s obviously frustrating and sad, there were still many ways of spending happy hours with her. Sometimes she would recover some memory; sometimes you could look at old photographs together or, her favourite, sing the old songs, and she’d start talking of the old days as if they were still happening.

  4. May I just add my voice to those already expressed here David. It must be heartbreaking for you to visit your mother and see that she doesn’t recognise you. But take comfort from the fact that hopefully in her own mind she is still living the life of the proud mother who knows and loves and still experiences joy from the son she is proud of and adores.

  5. Happy birthday to your Mum, David. Amongst all the posts full of anger and frustration, it’s nice to see one so simple and heartfelt.

  6. Sorry to hear about your mum David. I’m probably just spouting useless platitudes here, but remember all the good times you and your mum had. Nothing can take that away.

  7. I hope you celebrated with your mum anyway…my granny had Alzheimers too. I tried not think of her as a physical being but as a spiritual one and carried on as if she was aware of me and everything/body else.

  8. Thank you all for kind words. There is little to celebrate in the current, as death approaches. But time will sort all things out. It always does.

  9. David
    It is heartbreaking when a beloved parent has gone beyond knowing you. Hope the passing is as easy as it can be on you both.

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