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Well, well, and its just another heartbreaking story of how a misunderstood, deprived, badly-educated, unappreciated and misjudged young member of the down-trodden proletariat just did not appreciate the warning words concerning illegal drug imports into America!


Or just maybe its because she is just thick!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ayesha!

  1. However thick she is, it’ll take a magician of a lawyer to explain why she should be taking 24 boxes of cake mix into America from Jamaica. You’d surely need to be brain dead to do that!

  2. I expect she was offered an all expenses paid holiday by some local home boy. Come over to ‘Jarh-maaaayhhhh-kar’ and didn’t stop to ask why me? Just jumped at the freebie.

    She’s a victim of her own idiocy. But I have no sympathy whatsoever.
    As fletch said. can’t do the time, Don’t do the crime.

    Go take your long US vacation and I’m sure you’ll get lots of education both formal and otherwise during your stay. But don’t expect US prisons to be like a UK Prison holiday camp thats all.

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