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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth reaches her 82nd year today and so this video is in tribute  to her. Happy Birthday Ma’am!  ((PS No more Youtube music video’s until Friday please!)

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5 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Long Live the Queen,,,

    alright on the videos as long as we can still pick on the IRA and those that make excuses for the murderers of woman and children…

  2. >>we can still pick on …those that make excuses for the murderers of woman and children.<<

    Nobody’s going to stop you criticising the Bush administration, Troll!

    But does HM not have great staying power? How many of us here were even alive at the time of any other monarch? (Ernest, Alan?)

  3. Noel,

    I have known three monarchs! Can’t say I remember too much about the first one, and I wish I didn’t know quite so much about the third one…:-)

    As for ‘staying power’, – if that relates to just living to a ripe old age, well then ‘Good for her!’ and long may she continue, but as for being a continuing asset as a Monarch, – I could find much to debate about on that score…

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