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Here in Donacloney Central Time, circa 1758,  it’s just an hour and a half to 2010. Can I raise a glass to you and wish you all a Happy New Year and hope we’ll stick together during the trials and challenges of the coming year. God bless. Your presence makes it all worthwhile.

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10 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  1. Happy New Year to all from snowy Slovenia.

    (Am I the first to see the New Year? Ah well, a bit ahead of the rest of you once again, I suppose)

  2. Noel –

    Happy New Year to all over there also.

    If you’re anywhere in or around the Julian Alps then my envy couldn’t be greater. It’s one of Europe’s great landscapes.

  3. Happy New Year to everyone from a storm-tossed Gibraltar….let’s have a better 2010!

  4. A lovely clear frosty night, and a partial (indeed, very slight) lunar eclipse in to boot! (Did anyone else notice it?) Strangely, I had always thought that all lunar eclipses were "total", it didn’t occur to me that sometimes the moon’s orbit would just barely skim across the earth’s shadow for an hour or so. But that’s what happened this evening. It was beautiful to watch.

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