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Well folks. We made it. We have clocked up one more year, together! Can I take this moment to wish you and your loved ones all the best in 2015 and I leave you for this year with this song! It’s slushy but so am I! I raise a glass to you all.

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14 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR…!

  1. David, I hate to remind you but 2014 was the 40th anniversary of Abba’s “Waterloo” win.

    Happy, prosperous and healthy 2015 to you, wife and kids.
    And to all others at ATW. Happy New Year, boys and girls.

  2. Thank you DV, and a very Happy New Year to you and yours and everyone and everyone’s.

    I’m going to nip down the local village boozer for a few. Living in the back of beyond has its advantages, like no crush at the pub. I say village boozer, but it’s outside the village and surrounded by fields. I’ll look like Bear Grylls by the time I get there.

    There’s no coal around these here parts, so since I’ll be first footing myself I’ll have to pick up a log on the way back. There’s no need to look for one, I’m bound to trip over dozens of the damn things weaving back up the lane.

  3. Everyone have a healthy and happy 2015, and a singular thanks to David Vance for keeping the ball up in the air for all these past years.
    I salute you, stalwarts every one.

  4. A Happy New Year to all at ATW. 2015 is kicking off as it means to go on:

  5. A Happy New Year to our kind host and fellow guests. Hope this proves to be better than last.

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