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I hark back to the past. I remember that when we were told not to do something the flippant (and common) retort was “Why not? It’s a free country.” You don’t hear it now. We know that things have changed. Sky and far-Left pressure group Demos have been surveying attitudes and they don’t like what they’ve discovered.

63 per cent of people think that life was better when they were growing up. The other 37 per cent can’t speak English and didn’t understand the question, probably. We know that immigration has been weaponised against the British people, that youngsters are ever more likely to not own a home that “public” services are crap and that a change will have to come.

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27 thoughts on “HARKING BACK TO THE PAST

  1. Haha own goal petem all the research shows post 2008 crash and brexit British people’s life and times wages etc have hit the crapper . Thanks Gammons wrecked it .. £900 per person down + austerity crippling us .. Save us Jc

  2. The same questions would probably have harvested the same results had this poll been taken in 1950. It is in most people’s nature to lament “The good old days” as they get older and feel less comfortable in a changing world. People want the world to stay familiar and it doesn’t. It never has.

  3. 40 years ago, things actually were better in the Scottish east-coastal towns. There were manufacturing jobs, fishing jobs, local seasonal jobs for schoolies and housewives on the farms, plenty of apprenticeships for school-leavers, and a merchant navy if you wanted to see the world.

    Oh yeah – there were no effnicks, and all football teams were mainly home-grown.

  4. jude – there has always been scum amongst us, as you know. I see no need to import the world’s scum for nothing in return when we have our own to deal with.

  5. I remember growing up in Belfast in the seventies and eighties. It was shot and certainly not a past many would hanker for.

  6. Paul, being Belfast in the seventies I don’t think “shot” was a spelling mistake 😉

  7. Life is better but my freedoms are not. I cannot go anywhere and feel that the State is spying on me or trying to impose itself on me in so many little ways. One such way is the announcements I keep hearing on trains. It tells me to inform police or staff if I see something suspicious. I would therefore argue that someone who deliberately conceals their face and identity is acting in a suspicious manner. But if it is because they believe some Sky Fairy would like them to then that is OK. Thing is, if I complain about said garb I probably be snatched by police at my front door for following instructions that they have given about reporting unidentified suspicious behaviour.

    This is the world we live in.

  8. Members of the far right are more interested in restricting civil and religious liberties

    jude – raping the kufr’s girls is neither a civil nor a religious liberty.

  9. Colm, I was waiting on some smartarse picking up on that Freudian slip typo and my betting odds suggested it would be you 🙂

    It’s unfair to say that Belfast was all shooting in the seventies – there were bombings too.

    Pete seems to be hankering back to either a rose tinted imagined past or one he never knew.

    Good article Jude.

  10. allan both you and petem recently as last week both have liberally splashed ATW calling people views who you don’tt like “traitors” – this is a clue to what’s in store for us if ever you took power:

    “The far right has always embraced the discourse of victimhood and persecution. Its cynical embrace of “free speech” is a dishonest ruse to propagate hatred, nothing more. If it managed to seize power, it would swiftly strip away the rights and freedoms of those it deemed treacherous opponents. Freedom of speech is precious indeed. Just don’t be deceived by a resurgent far right for which it is a rhetorical device to attack democracy, and nothing more.

    Its a slam dunk chum !

  11. Wow!, Jude:

    A few years ago, courageous reporter Richard Peppiatt resigned from the Daily Star in protest at being asked to write lies about Muslims. “The lies of a newspaper in London can get a bloke’s head caved in down an alley in Bradford,” he wrote.

  12. i clicked on that too paul
    the link between rhetoric and some poor sod getting is all too well-known in what was Paisley’s Ulster .. Words have great power – indeed. Good on the journo for walking out of that toxic atmosphere. the kicker for me was when he said that on the day of the uprising in the Arab World to free themselves from dictators the star went with a headline connected with Jordans Tits. I’m sure allan will find a way to explain how that bias is a good thing for the public to digest ..

  13. “I suspect you see a perfect circle. I see a downward spiral. I see a cascade of shit pirouetting from your penthouse office, caking each layer of management, splattering all in between.” That is so good, takes boldness and courage to sum up your feelings like that .

  14. // 63 per cent of people think that life was better when they were growing up. The other 37 per cent can’t speak English and didn’t understand the question, probably.//

    🙂 Good

    It all depends on how you define “better”. In a material and jobs-opportunities sense, or does it also include things like general happiness, safety, culture, peace of mind, excitement, etc.

    In a general sense, life in Ireland in the 70s was better than now. It was more exciting while still being much safer, the people were friendlier, there was a much broader and deeper social consensus than now, the music was better, politics more interesting, people were also more interested in each other and in the world etc. A neighbour would come home after a trip to, say, Amsterdam and would hold court for a week feeding listening ears with all that he had seen and done (well, a lot of it). Now you can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and only you mother will be interested in hearing of your experience.
    In England it can’t have been very different.

    There are of course now much more job opportunities and infinitely more education opportunities, it’s much easier to travel and simply get things that you couldn’t have afforded in the old days. You also no longer have to spend a boring hour in church every Sunday.

  15. People are generally nostalgic for “the good old days.” It is a sign of aging, and given ATW’s demographic, a regular if unacknowledged sentiment here.

  16. lets look at what is better now
    cheap airline tickets, access to free music of fav bands on youtube 24/7 , cheaper clothes, and a president who tells us his schlong is weapons grade. What’s not to celebrate? 🙂

  17. I certainly believe it was better during the ’50s and early ’60s.
    There may have been shortages but we were all one country and pulled together. Political correctness hadn’t been invented and we didn’t have all the pressure groups wanting change. There was none of the present rush and tear but nevertheless things still got done. We didn’t have computers, so people actually spoke to each other face-to-face and didn’t walk around with their eyes focused on a smart-phone, seeing nothing. London was still a nice place to visit and there was none of today’s crime and knifings. We relied upon the BBC for our news, which was then honest and unbiased. I cycled almost everywhere, so I’m aware that the roads were kept in good condition free from pot-holes! No CCTV everywhere and less state interference in what we did, we just got on with our lives.

  18. Not having lived in London at the time and not being born until 1967 I can’t comment of your memories EP but believe me, the seventies and eighties in West Belfast were definitely not better than they are today.

  19. There may have been shortages but we were all one country and pulled together.

    Well said EP.

    We are materially much better off today, but many would give up the chance to fly across Europe for 50 quid to get back the sense of society that’s been lost

    This is the irony, that those who talk about society are also those who Balkanise it by flooding our country with aliens who can never be British, will don’t want to be British and who have no love or affection for what our ancestors bequeathed us.

    They inflict foreign rule and alien laws on us, a people with no culture or history of such things, while denigrating anything British.

  20. Pete seems to be hankering back to either a rose tinted imagined past or one he never knew.

    So it’s the latter then.

  21. Paul’s link at 10.43am is brilliant…….

    Yet turn the page and Muslims are branded “beardies” or “fanatics”, and black-on-black killings (“Bob-slayings”, as I’ve cringingly heard them called in your newsroom) can be resigned to a handful of words, shoehorned beneath a garish advert.

    This was from 2011 so how’s that all working out?

    Bombs, knives, lorries, mass rapes – and the ‘newspapers’ and other media have been doing their best NOT to report the effects of enrichment.

    Bob-slayings – brilliant!!

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