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35 years ago the King died on his Throne. (sorry) A man that broke all boundaries and all the rules.
A little bit of everything

and how he effected us

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12 thoughts on “He ain’t dead, he just went home

  1. Mrs Agit8ed and I have been listening to a three disc Elvis anniversary album the last few days.
    We were saying that Elvis was a lovely guy, lovely voice and personality who fell victim to fame and drugs.
    He was a true patriot. He didn’t take himself seriously, the media did.
    Bless him, I hope he is at peace.

  2. I’m not a die-hard fan and only like a few of his songs but he was an amazing self-grown talent (perhaps corrupted by colonel kernal) but ‘a nighcase of the highest order?’ Pure nonsense.

  3. nighcase should be nutcase…distracted by Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner…never saw it before. Wish Allan were here to give me a rundown.

  4. bigjockcanoe

    Good choice – and a great taste of what Elvis could have achieved without the strait laced jacket his management and record company put on him.

  5. Really…could any of us know how we would act if we were catapulted to game like that? Alone? Without a band? With TV (and in many respects) film still in its infancy. Can you imagine being born as the only living twin? What would it do to your psyche? How would you cope?

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