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Well, some of us have been saying this for a LONG time but good to have others rally to our side;

George Soros has lambasted eurozone leaders today and claimed they will lead Europe to its ruin by maintaining the ‘rotten’ euro. The Hungarian business magnate and investor claimed that he would now ‘bet against the euro’ in any future deals unless there was a change in European leadership or policy. In an interview with French newspaper, Le Monde, Mr Soros said: “The euro threatens to destroy the European Union and, with the best of intentions, the leaders are leading Europe to its ruin by trying to impose inappropriate rules. “The introduction of the euro has led to divergence instead of bringing about convergence.”

All as predicted in these pages.

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One thought on “HEADING FOR RUIN…

  1. Come on – Soros??? It’s called ‘backing both sides’. One side of the bankster clique takes over the ECB, and the other side laments the takeover because tere is surely ‘something better’. And the ‘something better’ will continue to gut the real economies of Europe’s nations after the ECB and its Euro have had their fill.

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