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It is one of those stories that makes you shake your head in disbelief; A doctor from Northern Ireland who did not know how to take a pulse has been found guilty of poor professional performance.

Ah, a good old Norn Ireland doctor not fit for purpose, right? Erm – not quite.

Dr Asia Ndaga from Coleraine failed to turn up for an Irish Medical Council Fitness to Practice inquiry yesterday where she faced several allegations concerning her work at Letterkenny General Hospital in Co Donegal between July and August last year. The inquiry upheld all allegations against the doctor, who is originally from Romania, including that she was unable to take a pulse, failed to take a patient’s history and could not gauge how much oxygen the patient was on. However, the committee did not find Dr Ndaga guilty of the more serious charge of professional misconduct.

Hang on. This Romanian who cannot even take a pulse is still able to practice? My goodness, I feel sorry for any patients in Letterkenny who have reason to use her “expertise”! Have we REALLY arrived at the point where we cannot produce our OWN doctors? If so, it is enough to give you palpitations. Don’t worry though, Dr Ndaga will never be able to find them….

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7 thoughts on “HEARTBEAT….

  1. This is ridiculous. How can an Irish Medical Council Fitness to Practice Inquiry find this Romanian doctor fit to practice? The purpose of this committee, surely, is to protect the patient. If the clinical ability of this doctor is as stated then it seems obvious that the whole committee be brought to account. Urgently, before deaths occur.

  2. LOL… this is the advice from my doctor

    “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

  3. Peter T,

    You, obviously haven’t spent much time in Ireland.

    Strange, ludicrous and just plain scary things happen in the land of leprechauns besides “Holy Statues moving”. The HSE, as usual, is going the “cheap Route” and disregarding the fact that some poor sod might just DIE because of the incompetence. It’s standard policy. The “Cheap Route” policy isn’t just confined to the HSE. Don’t jail dangerous, violent criminals cause it costs too much. Let ’em wander the streets and collect 50, 70 or even 90 convictions, but don’t send them to jail.

    This debacle reminds me of a newspaper article some years ago when a “well know and heeled” woman in County Cork drove her Land Rover into a wall at 2 AM totally destroying the wall and the Land Rover. The gardai tested her and she was three times over the then (100 mg) limit. They charged her with driving a vehicle whilst under the influence and it went to court. The judge (a member of the same social circle as the woman) threw the case out proclaiming: The could be no case of drunk driving since the Land Rover was not in condition (after the crash) to be driven. True story, i have the article in my desk.

  4. Frightening story.

    Although Eddie, I think you’re telling porkies about the land rover.

  5. “How can an Irish Medical Council Fitness to Practice Inquiry find this Romanian doctor fit to practice? The purpose of this committee, surely, is (NOT) to protect the patient,
    if the doctor is from an ethnic background,
    and we are anxious to prove our non discriminatory credentials,
    even if it costs innocent patients their lives…

    Apologies Peter T for altering your comment slightly.

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