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Sabra Ahmadzai  is a twenty year-old Afghani student and wife, but this is no ordinary Afghan lady. She worked at an Indian hospital in Kabul as an interpreter after learning Hindi from Bollywoood films. She is educated and has come to New Delhi seeking justice for the man who married her bigamously.

Her boss at the hospital, an Indian Army major named Chandrashekhar Pant, proposed marriage, and after he changed his religion to Islam, her mother withdrew her objections and although she herself did  not love him, she obeyed her parents and religious advisers, and the marriage took place. 

Three weeks later, he said he was being transferred back to India, and some six months later, called her, admitted he already had a wife and two children, and told her to look for another husband. Now this is where it gets a little strange, especially in the context of Afghanistan and India, because this stroppy lady decided to finish her education, got a bank loan, and flew to India demanding justice because she had been betrayed, she was the object of scorn in her neighbourhood, and she wanted to get the erstwhile ‘husband’ up on a rack somewhere for his crime!

Her cause has been adopted by students, she met with government officials and the Commission for Women, decided she was in for the long run, wants to be enrolled at the university and end up with a degree.

Now if all the Afghani women acted like her, we just might see a different face of things in Kabul and elsewhere; good on Sabra!

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2 thoughts on “hell indeed hath no fury…..

  1. Mike there are a lot of women like her who have already risked a huge deal already. A famous Afghan female police officer was shot just before CHristmas, having vowed never to be cowed by the Taliban. And another stood up in their Parliament and called the government for what it is – a corrupt bunch of ex warlords – before being forcibly removed, living out her days in constant fear of reprisals but still working tirelessly to support Afghani women. These courageous women were both greatly respected. And that is to highlight just two such ‘stroppy’ ladies inside that country.

  2. Afghanistan certainly does need more women like that, as does Saudi Arabia, Iran and all other countries where official second class status is imposed on them.

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