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Hank Aaron has died at the age of 86. He was important, in the history of baseball, and the history of America.

He broke the Babe Ruth’s all time home run record in 1974. As he drew close to the record, he endured significant racial abuse, a lot of nasty letters. Many didn’t want the record of the beloved Ruth to be broken, many didn’t want it to be broken by a black man.

Ruth was a flamboyant New York Yankees megastar from an earlier day, Aaron was the reserved man who played for the Milwaukee, then Atlanta Braves. All he did was get a bunch of hits and home runs every year.

I saw Hank Aaron at the end of his career, in the seventies. He was then playing for the Milwaukee Brewers against the NY Yankees. He wasn’t the real Hammerin’ Hank anymore, but he did slap a double down the left field line that I remember.

The announcer here is Vin Scully, universally regarded as the best broadcaster in US baseball history. He broadcast Brooklyn / Los Angeles Dodgers games for an incredible span from 1950 through 2016. When Aaron visited the long lost Ebbets Field as a rookie in 1954, Scully would have been in the booth.

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  1. I was never into the game, but looking at this video I can imagine the excitement of being part of the baseball family.

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