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Remember back in 2001 when the, then, Director General of the BBC, Greg Dyke, said the corporation was ‘hideously white’?  I am waiting, six years later for someone to point out that the same institution is now ‘hideously ethnic’.  I suspect I’ll have a long wait.

I’ve mentioned this phenomenon in passing but I now feel it is something that requires a full-length rant.  Twenty years ago we had two black newsreaders: Maura Stewart and Sir Trevor MacDonald.  Nobody ever thought about their ethnic background because they were such professional people with an excellent ability to read the news.  In short, notwithstanding their background, they were amongst the most dedicated people in the business.  Also, the proportion of ethnic representation on front line news coverage was broadly reflective of the demographic breakdown of the country as a whole.  Can the same really be said for the news departments of the BBC, ITV Channel 4 and Channel 5 today?

I don’t think so.  Nearly every single news correspondent – especially on the BBC, every ‘progressive’ liberal’s nocturnal frisson – seems to be Asian or black?  Are these people in the pay of Auntie because they were the very best candidates for the position?  Or, as seems more likely, is their skin tone and oriental name the killer decider when being interviewed by the Beeb’s Guardianistas (or their equally wacko counterparts on Channel 4, etc.)?  How many media graduates are there in British universities year after year?  How many of those will be with first or upper second class honours?  More importantly, how many of those will be individuals from indigenous communities in this country?  Are we really supposed to believe that the current crop of the ethnic media mafia on our news programmes, massively over-represented that they are, were all decided purely on the basis of merit? 

‘Oh that ‘orrible McCann.  Making an issue of race out of something unimportant,’ will go the cries from the lunatic fringes of the blogosphere.  Except that it isn’t me that is making an issue out of race, it is many of the public institutions of this country, who appear desperate to employ anyone whose ‘face fits’ in order to show how ‘wonderfully’ multi-cultural we are.  That’s why nearly every public sector advertisement has to have an ethnic face on the photograph; why we have to have a panoply of ethno-orientated bodies; why ethnic minorities are now over-represented on the various news and media pay rolls; and why sectors such as the police are now going head-over-heels to discriminate against white candidates in the hope that the police will be ‘more reflective’ of the communities they serve.  Nobody seems to have paused to reflect on the idiocy of letting all these different tribes settle here in the first place – especially in the numbers that have arrived.  If immigration had been properly managed the issue of ‘community reflection’, and other PC-orgasmic terms, would not have been necessary.  Ethnic minorities make up about 7% of the population.  They certainly make up more than 7% of the public and media sectors’ strategies of employee ‘meritocracy’.

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