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Ms. Clinton calls for the U.S. Government and Civilian corporations to ATTACK Russia with Cyber Warfare.

As part of the World Community we should be doing everything we can to help the Ukrainians. That help can be achieved in a variety of ways, all of which do not constitute an act of War against Russia.

Ms. Clinton however advises committing Act’s of War against Russia by both our government and civilians. She say’s flatout that we should be launching Cyberwarfare against Russia. She said this the sameday that Putin put the Russian Nuclear Arsenal on full alert. Now did he raise the Nuclear threat in response to Ms. Clinton’s call for us to attack him….. I don’t believe so.

Ms. Clinton is an idiot, an idiot with a tremendous amount of Political Power, thankfully however no actual power to act or force others to follow her advice.

In her call for Cyberwarfare against Russia she admits that the Obama Administration used Cyberwarfare during the “Arab Spring”. Has anyone heard of this before now? Do we know who the Obama Administration Attacked ?

Just another act by the Democrats that we will never know anything about one way or another. If there were a Press a real press anywhere in my country things like this would be pursued, questions would and should be asked. We have no one with access to these “Princess of Power” to ask such questions. No Free Press, only fluff and propaganda.

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