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Come January, Romanians and Bulgarians will come here in great numbers. The same people who told you “around 17,000” Poles would come here (the actual number was 900,000) assure us that this won’t happen again ….quite. Here’s what awaits…

‘British police are to hunt for the ‘Mr Bigs’ running Romanian gangs that are now behind more than 90 per cent of cashpoint thefts in this country.

 Officers will work with their Romanian counterparts to target the gangsters orchestrating the crimes which are netting an estimated £40 million a year. New figures reveal a sharp rise in the crimes by Romanian gangs and there are fears this will rise further with a new wave of immigrants expected to arrive in the UK from January.”

90% of the crime, get that?

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  1. The Romanian policia can not control the thieving pikies in their own country, what chance is there of them having any success over here ?

    none is my guess.

    I am just surprised the figure is only 90%

  2. They dare’nt have ATM’s in Romania, so it’s my guess that our government are issuing them with photographs of ATMs, plus Benefit Offices, and A to Z’s of London.

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