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It appears that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, believes the end times are nigh and the four horsemen of the apocalypse may soon be spotted over our capital city.

“Floods, heatwaves and drought could cause a
virtual collapse of the capital unless action is taken to address
climate change, Boris Johnson warned today. Launching London’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, the Mayor said global warming would affect all Londoners.”For
London, scientists currently forecast warmer, wetter winters and hotter
drier summers, coupled with an increase in the frequency of extreme
weather and rising sea levels,” he said. The report estimates
1.25million people would be affected by a major flood. It goes on to
suggest ways to tackle climate change and mitigate its effects.”

Boris is having a laugh. He plays to the eco-wacko audience without having a clue how London is going to manage to alter complex planetary climatic change. London will last a lot longer than Boris and the snake oil global warming salesmen whose agenda he so foolishly propagandises.

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  1. Surely Boris was talking about the need for London to adapt to the risks of floods etc. For example, the Thames flood barrier will need to be significantly upgraded within the next twenty years.

    Climate change is a fact, whatever the causes.

  2. London could face a catastrophic flood within 20 years unless it takes preventive measures. Boris is doing his job by raising awareness of this vulnerability. We do not need a repeat of New Orleans in the UK capital.

  3. These scientists do come out with some old tosh.

    The report estimates 1.25million people would be affected by a major flood. It goes on to suggest ways to tackle climate change and mitigate its effects.

    What they mean is they haven’t a clue what will happen to the climate, haven’t a clue if, when, where or how their could, maybe, one day be a flood, nor how many people may, or may not, be affected.

    They can’t say this because they’re ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’. Well I say the emperor has no clothes They’re a bunch of chancers whose real agenda is the continued funding of their chiselling charade on the taxpayer.

  4. Peter –

    I said nothing of flood defences. Clearly they’re a good idea in places – London, Holland, gulf coast cities run by corrupt Democrats.

    Scientists who make up and print stuff like this are a waste of money.

    Andrex does it cheaper.

  5. Pete Moore

    If the scientists are lying leftist self-loathing gender-bending commie traitors, then why believe them when they say that enhanced flood defences will be necessary for London?

    Why not leave it to God and the free-market, in traditional Rightworld way?

  6. Peter –

    I don’t believe that London needs enhanced flood defences. However since the Thames Barrier has been raised hundreds of times in the couple of decades since it was built, it’s clearly a good thing.

    The potential for flooding via a storm surge in the North Sea is well known and the Barrier is designed to defeat it.

    Stating that London needs to enhance its defences is nothing more than an empty statement to reinforce the rest of those rubbish claims.

  7. Peter,

    It’s very simple…the flood defences cannot be improved by cutting taxes, bombing the middle east, leaving the EU, longer prison sentences, banning same sex marriage or halting immigration, therefore there is no solution and no problem.

    Your only hope is to point out that floods are caused by gay sex. Then you might get somewhere.

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