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………will the Burka ban in France remain, now that they have a President who is, shall we say, flexible?

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  1. Cqn someone pass through immigration at an UK Airport whike wearing one of these Allah / Batman masks?

  2. Easy seamus. The law says all masks are off or you go to ‘le clink’. Not a lot of grey area in that. What bit don’t you understand there?

  3. Don’t like it start a revolution mate. 14th July any good for you?

    It is the right of any countries elected officials to make laws by which they wish to be governed. If the French want say everyone to wear a beret when in their country then I guess if I don’t like it I’ll just have to lump it or leave. The French seem to have more Cajones than us Brits thesedays.

  4. Nest week Camoron is making the official language of Britain ..swedish and is mandating hourly inspections to make sure everyone is wearing clean underpants. To enable this check to be done more easily underpants are to be worn over the trousers.

    Sounds Banana’s to me….

  5. Yes but that’s like saying the Holocaust was acceptable because the Germans elected the Nazis. One of the fundamental points of any liberal democracy is the protection of minorities from majoritarianism.

  6. So you want to replace majority rules with Minority trumps everything.

    One bloke (nice chap from Antartica, he wears a dress, and he’s named cecil, married to three goats and is a minister of religion in the snake handlers). He lives in cheadlehume. He wants us out of the EU and signed up to become the 51 st US state right away.

    So by that logic he’s definitely in the minority of one. And by your rules we must all do EXACTLY what he says.

    Real reductio ad absurdam stuff.

    Still happy for us to leave the EU? Hmmmm..

  7. Its different. You aren’t oppressing him by telling him no. If the State were to follow his arguments it is forcing the majority to do something they didn’t want to do.

    By allowing a woman to weir a veil you aren’t forcing anyone to do anything.

    And I would be happy if the UK and Ireland left the EU.

  8. Except your forcing border security to allow undocumented people onto your plane. Possibly risking your life. Help my oppression takes the form of being exploded at 30,000 feet.
    A bit more oppressive than say banning ear rings from a secondary school.

    No you want to live in our country you follow our rules or hop it. When in Rome etc.

  9. I don’t believe they should be accommodated at border security, or banks, or other areas where there is a need to establish identification.

    I do believe though in all other circumstances the State shouldn’t tell people what to wear.

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