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Isn’t Labour Culture Minister Margaret Hodge a laugh riot ? First she complains the the British Proms are, well, too British. Now she boasts that she can ease racial tensions over coffee and biscuits. Her recipe for peace and harmony was delivered during a debate about research showing political disillusionment among the white working classes. The..ahem… millionaire MP for Barking, where the British National Party has established a foothold, said:

"It is really interesting what I am doing now, because I am doing things like, simple things, asking people to come and have coffee and a chocolate biscuit with me. "And people from all sides of my community come in, white and black, they may come in feeling really hostile and angry with each other, and they engage in a conversation and actually at the end of it you see a change in attitudes."

How absolutely spiffing. So, time to switch on the kettle, open the digestives, Margaret has it all sorted!

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  1. David Hodge’s comments have been talked and mulled over almost to saturation point now?

    Couldn’t you open a thread with a view on something that we can all take issue with?

  2. This woman is beyond parody. How can someone so stupid be a government minister? Maybe we should introduce an IQ test for ministers. If they are below the national average they should be fired.

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