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A great capital city, £300m on a modern, flagship national stadium … and no undersoil heating.

Great work fellas.


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  1. Pete

    At least the Arse won! You guys can take 4th as a done deal. Chelski to finish 6th at best.

    Outrageous comments by Ferguson about Liverpool and Suarez. He seems to have forgotten kung-fu Eric. How tf typical.

  2. Peter –

    Don’t worry about us. A couple of good results is a prelude to disaster. I have to admit though I didn’t expect Chelsea to get done at Everton. Neither side deserves a Champions League spot on this season’s efforts.

    Fergie is always Fergie. He never misses a chance to stir it up. Suarez should never play for Liverpool again, says the man who welcomed back Fightin’ Eric of Selhurst Park with open arms. Yeah, Suarez didn’t shake Evra’s hand (though since Evra was the innocent party you have to wonder what Suarez was thinking), but in the end, so what?

    Rio Ferdinand didn’t shake Suarez’ hand, Bridge didn’t shake Terry’s hand. Football does beat itself up over these things.

  3. I have to admit though I didn’t expect Chelsea to get done at Everton.

    Then you were in a minority of one. It was a fair result, unaided by the referee, unlike last Sunday against Newton Heath. It was a cert that Webb was going to give them everything in the second haalf after he missed their penalty in the first half. Wellbeck is a cheating disgrace. But the cheating and diving will just get worse until video referees are introduced. It’s that simple.

    Yes, I hope the handshake nonsense will be abandoned before next season. These guys shake hands at the start of the match and spend the next 90 minutes trying to get their opponents sent off.

  4. Okay, not to let the facts get in the way of a good story but Fergie banned Cantona before the FA did over the Crystal Palace incident and Cantona didn’t act the dick when he came back.

  5. Fergie banned Cantona before the FA did

    So ****ing what? Did he transfer him, or sack him?

    Liverpool have handled this badly, but Fergie is applying a double standard here and you know it.

  6. Demento dropped Cantona in the hope that it would persuade the FA to not throw the book at him.

  7. Cantona lost his cool, got punished, came back from his punishment and got on with things.

    Suarez racially abused a player, bitched, moaned and cried about his punishment, came back from his punishment and then when the person he racially abused offered him his hand, to put the issue behind them, something that both Fergie and Kenny Dalglish had been calling for, and Suarez refused to do it.

  8. Seamus

    I’m not defending Suarez.

    I seem to recall Fergie refusing to avoiding shaking hands with Wenger a few years ago.

  9. Not so sure about that one. The main one I remember (maybe Pete can recall a different time) that they didn’t shake hands was the 99 Cup Semi-Final (the Ryan Giggs goal) and afterwards Wenger refused to shake Fergie’s hand.

  10. Wenger did snub Fergie’s hand in 1999. Sir Jocko said he’s never been so insulted as a manager.

    Having sat two rows behind him during the match, I can assure Fergie he was insulted much more than that.

  11. Phantom –

    The post and the thread are quite different things.

    This evening France were due to play Ireland in Paris in the Six Nations rugby championship. The match was cancelled ten minutes before it was due to begin because some parts of the pitch were bone hard due to the temperature.

    The thing is, Paris has been that cold all week, yet they waited till the beers were nicely chilling in my fridge before calling off the match.

    Fans had travelled from Ireland and all over France, and they cancelled it ten minutes before the kick off.

    The stadium was built in 1997/8, at vast expense, but there’s no undersoil heating.

    Frankly, this is bollocks.

    I was well looking forward to it (I admit I’m a rugby nut) but so were very many other people, quite a few thousand of whom had spent a load of money on tickets, travel and accommodation.

    (The thread is about football matters, a different sport).

  12. The stadium was built in 1997/8, at vast expense, but there’s no undersoil heating.


    Apparently the stadium is built on top of a former rubbish tip and the methane gas means they can’t have undersoil heating. I can’t understand why they didn’t re-schedule to tomorrow at 2 pm.

  13. Peter

    Outrageous comments by Ferguson about Liverpool and Suarez. He seems to have forgotten kung-fu Eric.

    When Eric Cantona did his kung fu kick Manchester United suspended him for the rest of the season and it cost them the title. What Suarez is doing is worse. He’s pretending to be a victim instead of apologizing for his original remarks.

    Just because Fergie is saying it doesn’t make it the wrong choice for Liverpool to get rid of Suarez.

  14. Paris- wow

    Thats pretty incompetent

    Even without underground heat, you’d think that there would be a way to blow heat on the pitch from above

  15. H94

    Wayne Bridge refused to shake John Terry’s hand a couple of years ago. Terry ignored the snub and Chelsea did not call for Bridge to be sacked.

    What lies behind Ferguson’s remarks is the belief that his club are special, and the rest need to jump when requested to do so. Well **** that.

  16. Phantom –

    They had covers and blowers on the pitch and mostly it was ok, but a few patches out wide near the touchlines were of concern. The game was due to begin at 8.00pm GMT and officials were concerned they’d harden up during the game and risk injury.

    Fine if you do it 24 hours before the match, but the stadium was almost full when they made that decision. It’s a complete farce.

    Peter says they couldn’t install undersoil heating because of the tip it’s built on. Crikey, it’s not as if France hasn’t blown mega amounts on prestigious national monuments before. That such an important stadium can’t handle a cold night, and that it was called off minutes before kick off, is scandalous in my view.

  17. Peter,Bridge was the agreived party Terry slepted with the mother of his child,Suarez called Evra a negro,you can’t see the woods for all the tree’s

  18. Terry did not have an affair with Bridge’s girlfriend. Check it out.

    Bridge is a contemptible shit.

  19. Liverpool are walking alone this morning. If it was just Fergie they wouldn’t have to worry but all the journalists, fans of other clubs even their own former players like Alan Hansen on MOTD have been clear about the disgrace of it all.

    Time to stop digging.

  20. It seems they want to blame the English referee. I guess anything that goes wrong in France (or Ireland for that matter) will always be blamed on the English.

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