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The Queen’s Birthday Honours List is out. Among the recipients is one April Ashley, the first Briton to have a sex change op –

 – who gets an MBE for something called “services to transgender equality”. Nope, me neither.

I wish April all the best, before everyone piles in. If people want to snip bits off and grow bits on then good luck to them as long as they’re not sticking me with the bill. It’s just that the gongs are supposed to be awarded for services to the nation, and I’m not sure that “transgender equality” is a pressing need. I’m not even sure what “transgender equality” means. But it’ll go down well in Islington salons, and that, no doubt, is why a supposedly conservative government put April’s name on the list..

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  1. S’far as I can tell, its neither Arthur nor Martha, so where is the equality?

  2. //But it’ll go down well in Islington salons, and that, no doubt, is why a supposedly conservative government //

    I thought Islington was where the “champagne socialists” hang out.

    //and I’m not sure that “transgender equality” is a pressing need.//

    For many people it obviously is.

    The example of this lady is there in the article. An effeminate young man was beaten at school, bullied in the navy, driven to a suicide attempt and a spell in a mental hospital.

    Then he/she decided to accept his sexual orientation just as it is, and things apparently started to get better, and much better after his sex was changed.
    He then started a successful career, made friends and influenced people, became wealthy and famous, climbed to dizzy social heights and – surely a dream for every real English person – even married into the aristocracy.
    As for the MBE, she forced a change in the law, allowing all sex changed people to be legally recognised for what they are.
    That’s more than most of us will ever do, and a hell of a lot more than many other honours recipients ever did.
    But above all she gave hope and inspiration to many people, not just those unable to match body and inclination, and encouraged them to take the one brave step of facing up to what you are and damn the consequence.
    They show balls by realising they have nothing to lose but their balls, if I may coin a paradox.

  3. This THING called know now as April is right up LU’s street, hubba hubba, watch his bowler hat fly! lol

  4. Transgender equality makes considerably more sense than a “queen’s birthday honours list.”

    I mean: this is 2012, is it not?

  5. Actually in that last photo Ms Ashley looks every inch the traditional refined Conservative Englishwoman that is the epiteme of the Britain Pete believes has been lost.

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