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When GW was President the left would not shut up their Anti-War protests. From Cindy Shehan, Code Pink, Harry Reed, and Nancy Pelousy. Every public appearance they ranted “what is the exit strategy”. Well where are they now? What has happened to the outrage? What has happened to the press coverage?

When they disrupted government meetings, and town halls This is what we were told.

Yet when little old ladies, vets and regular people have the nerve to ask questions at Town Hall meetings of Demicrats we are un-american or nazi’s.

At least the current disruptions are to save peoples lives. Trying to prevent the slow rationed death of our parents by the Demicrats. When Harry Reed and Pelousy would go off on the hill Terrorism activity would increase in Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers would die.

If their outrage at the war was real, where is it now. If it wasn’t real and just a political wedge to attack a President they didn’t agree with, then they caused the death of everyone of the attacks that their political tactic promoted.

At least Mother Shehan even if shaming her sons honor, continues. She is in Marthas Vinyard Protesting Obama. Do you think we’ll see it on the evening News?

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10 thoughts on “Hypocracy and Treason

  1. To be fair to Cindy Sheehan, she’s still out there, but she’s feeling lonely because everyone else has gone home.

    Actions do speak louder than words and in the case of the anti-war crowd their actions are coming through loud and clear.

    The god-king is intensifying the war in Afghanistan, incursions into Pakistan are on the increase and no-one has a clue when American forces will leave Iraq. Against this backdrop and in the total absence of protests, the anti-war crowd is most eloquent; they are not anti-war at all. They are anti-war when there’s a Republican in the White House.

  2. I did add a hat tip to mother shehan at the end of the post. your last sentence nails it Pete

  3. Grizzly Mama/Troll,

    If you’re going to make a wordplay on Nancy Pelosi’s name it would be wiser to get the spellings right in your heading and elsewhere. Otherwise you look like a jerk.

  4. What’s spelled wrong in my heading? and I guess it’s time for blogging lesson #1 once again. Since the Rabbi provides the perfect example of it.

    Leson one, You know your correct in your post when rather than posting a logical response to what you said they critique your spelling or grammer.

    Atypical tactic of the left and weak minded is to attack the person not the subject. All it does is show that they have no reason to stand on.

    Please come by anytime for further lessons.

    The Troll

  5. no more for compulsoy FACTS, As henry Higgins said English has been spoken in the states in years!

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