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The question however keeps coming to mind however, was Jan6 a BlackFlag operation?

The FBI was in the crowd, it was a Protest in front of the Capital Buildings of the United States of America about a Rigged Election for them not to be there would be a dereliction of Duty. Yet the DOJ who supposedly was still under control of the Trump Administration at the time REFUSES to answer whether or not they were.

Doing so would not reveal any methods or procedures, it would not expose any undercover officers. A simple Yes or No is all the question has to be answered with, but the DOJ refuses. Here is Senator Ted Cruz asking High Ranking DOJ Officials that simple question.

More simple questions that the DOJ refuse to answer.

For those who don’t know who Ray Epps is….

As I said I am not a conspiracy kook, but the behavior of the DOJ combined with Nancy Pelosi’s Illegal Detainment and prosecution of grandma and grandpa protestors begs the question.

Was the breach of the Capital a Black Flag Operation on American Soil?

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