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Despite the waffle from the appeasement community, it is evident that the terror threat here is at a ten year high.

Police in Londonderry have said a device found outside the city’s courthouse was ‘substantial’ and ‘viable.’ The bomb was found in a vehicle abandoned outside Bishop Street courthouse. Several controlled explosions were carried out overnight on Monday. Elderly residents from a local fold were evacuated following a telephone bomb warning, which was received at about 6.45pm on Sunday.
So, the new wave of Irish republicans (containing the expertise of the last wave) do what they do best – creating fear, causing chaos, seeking to cause destruction. And before I hear the usual suspects whinge about how this latest lot of republican terrorists “have no support” etc etc – can someone advise who gave the IRA in this area the RIGHT to bomb, kill, maim and terrorise? Oh yes – Martin McGuinness was Commander here  – so I guess he played some role and I wonder what happened to him? A true Republican hero – and a role model for last night’s killing crew.
The uncomfortable reality remains that appeasing terrorism yields more of it. That is why Londonderry continues to suffer from the plague of Irish Republican terrorism that has blighted it for more than 40 years.
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  1. Most of what you write is rubbish DV, all you dissidents are clearly out of touch with reality. In case you haven’t noticed McGuinness has consistently condemned these people, they consider him the enemy, not a role model.

    The odd thing is that you have more in common with these clowns whose “show of strength” is a show of their uselessness as well as the futility of their actions. You and they are living in the past, and it’s the tragic past that gives you both just enough oxygen to survive.

    Like your party they are obsolete, rejected utterly by those they aspire to represent.

    Meanwhile, back in the 21st century…

  2. The continuing use of bombs in your country is the direct result of you condoning their use by allowing SF/IRA to hold political seats.

  3. You don’t have more terrorism in NI David. You have significantly less. And I don’t recall anyone writing on ATW that those who continue to advocate or use violence have “no support”, rather that those who advocate violence or use it have virtually no support. Another fact.

  4. Troll they don’t “allow it” if they have what they believe is a democracy then they have no choice but to accept the will of the people including those directly hostile to the existence of the state.

  5. Mr Pimpernel,
    I don’t follow you
    “If they have what they believe is a democracy then they have no choice but to accept the will of the people including those directly hostile to the existence of the state.”

    Do you mean that those who voted for Sinn Fein endorse the use of violence?
    Or by voting Sinn Fein they are wanting to bring down the NI government and see NI reabsorbed into the Rof I?
    Sorry if I am being dim, please explain.

  6. Sinn Fein is not violent to the existence of nIreland they are hostile to its existance, can you see the difference?

  7. Yee-es,
    OK gotcha.
    The Sinn Fein element of government is working hard, (but in a hostile king of way), to ensure that Northern Ireland fails. Then they apply to become a part of the Republic of Ireland.
    And they’re not being deceitful or disloyal or subversive to the people of NI…
    at least, not all of them..

    Sooo-o, it’s in Sinn Fein’s interests to hope (in a hostile kind of way), that Northern Ireland’s economy goes belly up…
    they can join hands in bankruptcy with the Republic, and together in unity (having abandoned the hostility)
    formally apply to become a part of the Republic of China!

    Once having mastered Mandarin, they could purge the Peoples Republic of Ireland of all running dogs and British collaborators, and stick two fingers up to their former friends in the EU (and the bail out debt of course).

    Yes I know,
    the bit about mastering Mandarin is ridiculous….. 🙂

  8. On a lighter note, doesn’t the volunteer next to McGuinness look like a young Peter Robinson.

  9. None as far as I know. And you know no more than me.Of course if you had any evidence etc. etc. etc. groundhog day ad nauseum ad infinitum.

  10. Peter Robinson, on handing in his election nomination papers:
    “Whilst some parties are riddled with divisions and are tearing themselves apart, others want to drag us back to instability”

    Does he mean you?

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