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If this spreads, I’ll have to carry my passport to go to Tesco.

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5 thoughts on “I.D., please.

  1. I bought paint thinner in B&Q last Saturday. Going through the self-serve checkout the disembodied voice instructed me to “wait for an attendant”. The guy immediately walked up and stuck some gadget into the machine to authorise the sale. For some strange reason, he didn’t ask to see my ID ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Peter –

    The Sainsbury’s self-serve pinged me for cough medicine.

    In fact it pinged me so much I queue now anyway. It helps to keep someone in a job and is no slower.

  3. Yes, the self-service computerised thingys are a complete pain, but on the other hand, you can look upon it as an opportunity to flirt, if a rather lovely lady has to come and ‘authorise’ your bottle of wine. I try to smile and crack a joke and say “OK, I know I don’t look it, but yes I’m really over 18 years old, trust me”, or some words along those lines… Haven’t got a date from it yet, but you’ve got to keep at it, you never know!

  4. Moving on to the product…. Jack Daniels BBQ sauce? OK, I hope it doesn’t have the slightest whiff of JD Whisky about it. Whisky is one thing (and I’m not all that fond of it anyway) and brown sauce is quite another. Never the twain should meet.

  5. The Tesco I go to (In the Rep. of Ireland) has these self-checkouts. Although they were designed so that you could scan your items and place them in a convienent plastic bag hanging from special rails on the machine, there are no bags since Ireland has placed a special “tax” on plastic bags (25-cent or about 30-American cents EACH).

    Therefore you have to scan the items, place them on a special “weighing” tray, pay with your debit/credit card or cash. Yup, and you have to find an attendant (rare) if you have alcohol. In many cases with expensive “spirits” (whisky) they have a security band around the neck of the bottle that can only be removed by an attendant. More disruption.


    Then take each and every item off the tray and place it in your “eco-friendly bags” if you remembered to bring them.

    It’s a wonderful experience.


    Although “self-checkout” was meant for people with 10-15 items many times I’ve seen people with FULL trollies using them.

    Maybe it’s not Tesco, Maybe it’s the people………..I have no problem in the States with the self checkout.

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