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Just messin with ya Kate….

Another Actor died this week. Dennis Farina, a former Chicago cop who was a popular actor. He played both good guys and bad guys on the big and little screens. From his outstanding roll as a cop battling the mob in Crime Story, or his role as the Drug King Pin Mobster in Midnight Run, he played them both the same. A type caste method actor he always was just himself.


He was asked once about his past as a cop and his response was “I miss the Job, but not the money”. I liked him. Growing up there where always three types of Cops in every precinct. The tough old Mic, The mean old Black, and The crazy old Whop. He got out and lived well, rest in peace Dennis.

Midnight Run (one of my favorite movies, and Deniro’s best) (explicit language)

and Crime Story (any excuse to play a good song)


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  1. no, stupidity with firearms never endears anyone to me, especially someone who should no better

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