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Here’s Algore saying that those that don’t swallow his con-game on the environment are racists. What I really enjoy is his lies about his reaction back in the day. Back in the day, Al Gore Sr. Algores daddy was the leading Senator AGAINST civil rights in America.

So just as we are supposed to believe Oil the greatest substance on Earth has doomed us all to a fiery death, we are to believe that while daddy was keeping blackey in his place, Jr was what marching with King?….lol  File it under his believing also that he invented the internet.

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5 thoughts on “I get no greater entertainment than watching morons, or as I like to say Maroons….

  1. I read that Gore bought some high-price beach-front property in California recently (San Francisco perhaps?). At least he is smart enough not to believe his own BS.

  2. “lol File it under his believing also that he invented the internet.”

    Except of course he never actually said he invented the internet. That was just a smear perpetuated by the ususal suspects and endlessly repeated until it was widely believed. In the 80s Gore was one of the few who saw the potential of Arpanet (the emergency military computer network). As a congressman and senator he fought for the funding for the programme that would transform Arpanet into the internet. He did take the credit for the programme he championed which he was perfectly entitled to do.

  3. oh poor declan defending the great Algore, he never used those exact words, but he did take credit for it. He then as now thinks he is an important figure in history, and history will remember him.

    Except history will remember him for what he is a grafter, and a politician. A poor one even at both of those.

  4. Gore’s father was not an pure integrationist or attuned to present day mainstream attitudes toward racial issues, few politicians from the South were. He voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But he did not sign the Southern Manifesto in the 50’s and voted for the Voting Rights Act in 1965. To call him the leading Senator against Civil Rights is historically inaccurate.

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