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When Ashfaq Ahmad,said his son is “totally innocent” and the case against him “ridiculous”; I wonder if he really, truly believed it?

I just wonder if  the group of concerned professionals from across the UK who run the We are Babar Ahmad blog are somewhat dismayed at the trial outcome in America?

I wonder if the foolish ones who donated here are wondering if they can maybe get their money back?

Loved the quote from our hero about freedom:-

This phrase was chosen to give the impression that although captivity may imprison my body, my soul will remain free. Though captivity may physically restrict me, mentally and spiritually I will always live free and no-one can take that away from me.

My favourite quotation is:-

Alls well that ends well, especially as the fool finally pleaded guilty!



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6 thoughts on “I just go on ‘wondering’

  1. Two things.
    Many a father might want to protect a son. even if it came to lying/perjury

    In Islam there is provision for lying to non Muslims.

    The sooner they bring back either
    permanent solitary confinement
    permanent deportation
    or the death penalty for acts of national treachery the better.

  2. In Islam there is provision for lying to non Muslims

    But lying to non-believers is not unique to islam.

  3. From the last link to the Daily Mail report:

    The sites asked for donations of military suits and gas masks for the Taliban and appealed to Pakistanis to travel to Afghanistan to fight,….

    As I walk down the streets of any major town in the UK, I see recruitment offices festooned with appeals for Britons to go and fight in Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else that the bankers’ interests are served. These offices are military recruitment offices, and the people who are persuaded by the advertisements are dupes.

  4. More importantly, welcome our heroes back and support them in their next phase of integration.

  5. But lying to non-believers is not unique to islam.

    Off point.
    We are talking about Babar Ahmad the Muslim,
    not Alex Salmond the Scottish Nationalist….

  6. The koranic sanction of deceit is very interesting.

    Let me know if Jesus told his followers it was ok to lie, as Mohammmad did.

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