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These days, I have little or no interest in the bleatings, castigations, or promulgations of organised religion of whatever hue. To me they are just about all the same, from the protectors of paeadophilic priests of the Roman Catholic variety, through the hand-wringing sopping-wet versions as supported by the various shades of Anglican thought, to the fanaticism of the Muslims, as demonstrated by the fun-loving Abu Hamza of the hooks.

However, when a Pro-Life organisation gets the financial muscle to fund a thirty-second Anti-Abortion advert at the SuperBowl in Miami, I believe that another front has been opened up in the long running war between those who believe in the sanctity of life, and those who vehemently oppose any limit on the ability of women to regulate either their own bodies, or their choices in that regulation.

The advert is not, however, one of the famous, or rather infamous ‘destruction of fetus’ varieties, but the words of a survivor, born after the offer of abortion was rejected by his mother. Tim Tebow is also a football legend, playing for the Florida Gators, and I am advised that he commands considerable numbers of female fans. But I am troubled by this young man’s message, coming as it does from an angle so far apart from the area in which he has gained his fame. Are Superbowl watchers, of there are presumed to be over one hundred million, to take a partisan message as hyped as this one so obviously is as Gospel; on the grounds that whatever Tim says is bound to be correct, because of his natural ability to kick, or throw, or hit a member of the opposing team?

When we see David Beckham posing with a razor, wearing a suit or a pair of underpants, we get the underlying message, despite the fact that he is being paid rather a lot of cash to advertise the product. When we used to watch Tiger Woods flashing his new watch before blasting yet another ball down the fairway, we got the message that if Tiger wears one, the rest of the worlds’ duffers, bashers and grunters might improve their golf if they bought one as well! But what are we to make of the message that when Tim scores, or runs, or does whatever he does, he does so because his mother refused to take the advice she was given to have an abortion? Apart from the simple truth that he would not be alive!


p.s. Due to my famous lack of knowledge of all sport, as can be confirmed by David, I am still unaware of young Master Tebow’s exact place in the realm of football, or what he is supposed to do when playing!

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12 thoughts on “I kick; therefore I am!

  1. Thanks for the Beckham link. Why, I didn’t know you cared.
    we get the underlying message – not sure what message you are getting…

  2. "his natural ability to kick, or throw, or hit a member of the opposing team?"

    Well, he can’t kick, he can’t really hit a member of the opposing team and, unfortunately for Tim Tebow, he can’t really throw either. Bit of a problem when you’re a Quarterback. He is, though, very good a running as a Quarterback and playing in what is known as the Spread Option Offense, an Offense, unfortunately for Tim Tebow, has almost no place in the NFL outside of a few gimmick plays.

    On the Abortion Ad argument I see no problem with it. The Pro-Abortion lobby have shot themselves in the foot over this one. They are alledgedly Pro-Choice and instead of rejoicing in the choice made by one mother they have basically shown themselves to be Pro-Choice but only when that choice is to Abort.

    As a NFL fan, of the team that will hopefully be crowned World Champions on Sunday, I think it is a bad move by Tim Tebow, who instead of focusing on improving his game, improving on his terrible throwing mechanics, he is entering the world of politics, all while playing terrible at the Senior Bowl. While his faith is very important to him, and I support the sentiments and message of the advert, Tebow has just cost himself $10 Million with his performances in the last week.

  3. The religious nut-job who murdered the abortion doctor last year is currently on trial. I wonder do Tim and his sponsors regard him as a murdering scumbag or a hero.

  4. I would imagine that Tim Tebow, and most of his family and friends, and most people who are pro-Life, would regard Roeder as a murdering scumbag. They, like many pro-Life people, probably considered George Tiller a murdering scumbag as well.

  5. They, like many pro-Life people, probably considered George Tiller a murdering scumbag as well.

    Had to spoil it, didn’tya?

  6. Not exactly spoiling anything, is it. The pro-Life movement consider human life to begin at conception and that anyone who deliberately ends life with no justified reason has commited murder in the eyes of pro-Life people. So yeah, in many peoples’ eyes George Tiller was a murdering scumbag.

  7. Seamus

    I don’t get your 2.51pm comment. Are you saying that pro-choice campaigners are opposed to women choosing not to have an abortion. That’s complete nonsense.

  8. Colm, almost every major pro-Choice organisation in the States has condemned this ad when all it does is celebrate a woman’s choice not to abort her Heisman Trophy winning son. By all accounts it doesn’t carry the Abortion is evil and wrong message, it just celebrates Life and the pro-Choice lobby can’t stand it. It has shown them up for the hypocrites that they are in that they don’t like the fact that this woman choose not to abort her child.

  9. Seamus

    From what I have read, the condemnation is about the selective ‘political’ adverts that CBS and other networks allow on these slots. I read something that a pro-gay marraige ad was turned down as was a pro-choice ad. You are still talking absolute nonsense by claiming that pro-choice people hate it when a woman decides not to have an abortion.

    Ps – It would be a really amazing feat to have been able to abort a foetus that had already won a sporting trophy

  10. Colm, the Superbowl is rotated every 3 years between NBC, Fox and CBS. Either 3 or 6 years ago CBS didn’t allow a pro gay marriage ad. It was a different market then. CBS can’t be as selective now. The arguments aren’t about the CBS not allowing pro-choice ads. The arguments are mostly about this ad itself, about the message of this ad. CBS have not turned down, this year, a pro-Choice or pro-Gay marriage ad.

  11. Seamus


    Anyway, regardless of the admittedly dubiois nature of the ad that was rejected, why are you surprised at the hostility of the pro-choice brigade to this ad. The ad is clearly designed to make women who have had an abortion feel guilty. It’s the equivalent of a pro-choice advert showing a woman declining an abortion and going on to deliver a child who turns out to be a paedophile rapist. That Tim Tebow has gone on to be a succesfull sportsman is irrelvent to the debates about abortion and is just a form of sickly emotional blackmail

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