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Sexist remarks and wolf-whistles could become criminal offences

PM to announce today that UK will sign up to Council of Europe’s convention on violence against women, which could mean criminalising unwanted verbal conduct

It’s like I’ve woken up in some marxist-feminist hellhole. Oh wait-

I might as well say cheerio now. It can’t be long till I’m in chokey for some crime against wimmin. Revving the motor or doing up my shoelaces in a sexist way, something like that.

If I’m allowed parcels I’d appreciate the occasional book about how we were once a free people, if they’re not samizdat by then.

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  1. This is batty.

    Who is “Baroness Scotland” anyway?

    Althogh on paper the law is only aimed at acts “violating the dignity of a person” and that are “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive”, and even Baroness Scotland (is there any way to say that without feeling stupid?) conceded that the law is not intended to cover “LESS SERIOUS incidents such as wolf-whistling”.
    However, the founder of the London branch of the US movement Hollaback says “The way we see it is if you want to tackle it you tackle all of it, including wolf-whistling”.

    Imagine, the Hollies would now land in the nick for Jennifer Eccles, and it would be the dungeon for the Prince of Denmark for those comments he made to Ophelia sitting on the ground in Act III.

  2. Ah yes Baronness Scotland. The ‘paragon of virtue’ who employed a maid, cash only – no questions asked. In contravention of her own policy. Where the maid not only was an illegal immigrant of false passport but fiddling the tax. Again in contravention of BS (how appropriate) Bs’s own policy she didn’t even ask to see the false passport.
    She’s got nothing to worry about. Nobody is going to wolf whistle her.

  3. The Coalition Government is slowly, or not so slowly, going mad. There are many, many problems facing this fair land but I would suggest that wolf whistles are not included. Please save us from this stupidity.

  4. Pete,

    “how we were once a free people”

    When was that precisely? Perhaps before this particular law was passed by Edward VI:

    It is illegal to stand within one hundred yards of the reigning monarch when not wearing socks.

  5. I refuse to comment on the grounds that my comments could be used against me, in in shorter american vernacular “I Plead the 5th”

  6. Pete,

    “It was up to around WWI that we were most free.”

    When you write “we” are you including the distaff half of the population?

    No, thought not.

  7. I must have seen airplane about a 1000 times – and it still makes me laugh. The original and the best spoof movie.

  8. As brilliant as that film is, it’s even better if you ever see the 70s diaster films it was making fun of.

  9. The Original Disaster Movie “Airport”, besides being the first of a whole franchise of movies was first for something rarely talked about.

    Dean Martin instead of negotiating a large paycheck for the film, negotiated for royalties. He was the first actor to ever get a royalty check, and a slice of the gross

  10. “was first for something rarely talked about.”

    Don’t tell me: there was a conspiracy to suppress the truth about how Dean Martin was paid?

  11. Thats just what they want you to think…follow the money……

    Obvious isn’t it? Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan run Hollywood using spare change from their Mafia operation. I know because a man down the pub who had just arrived ther on Shergar told me. It’s a conspracy I tells you!

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