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17458-1.jpgRed Ken made it in as Mayor of London in 2004 on the back of the most complicated voting system ever, a crap turnout (35%) and half a million spoiled ballot papers. A slightly less shambolic election campaign than 2000.

Looks like Boris, everyones favourite Tory and loveable toff, is going to take him on. Hurrah! Another eccentric – but one who on the face of it, isnt quite so self important. "Behind the endearingly dishevelled and distracted exterior lurks both a formidable intelligence and a genuine desire to do good" 

Boris’ declaration in today’s Evening Standard, which had a mountain of coverage already…

I have a stock speech in which I berate the British – and especially British politicians – for being altogether too namby-pamby, mollycoddled and risk-averse; and I think of that speech now as I contemplate the challenge of running for Mayor of London.

If I win the Tory nomination, I will be facing one of the wiliest and most enduring politicians of the modern age, a man who – whatever you think of his measures – has certainly been effective in accomplishing at least some of his own objectives.

I will be running against the strong advice of those who say I would be better off writing books, and going on television, and that I risk throwing away what remains of my political career; and though there have been literally hundreds of people who have urged me to run, I have found myself brooding – like all paranoid politicians – on the negative voices, the people who say that the great King Newt is too dug in, that his positions are impregnable, his machine too vast and well-oiled.

And having weighed up their warnings, over the last week, I say phooey…

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17 thoughts on “i say phooey

  1. Well, I hope he beats Red Ken – we don’t need a Marxist Mayor for London. (That said, he is VERY accident prone, maybe even too honest in his own peculiar way!)

  2. He won’t win. Whatever serious political views he may have on how London should be run, his public image is much too firmly fixed as the stereotypical Tory aristocratic buffoon with that Henley Regatta "another Pimms darling" accent. People just will not take him seriously.

  3. I say Barbara Windsor for mayor.. after all the contest has already become a right carry on !

  4. If I were a Londoner I’d vote for Boris over the newt lover. Then again I’d vote for Abu Hamza ahead of Livingstone so that isn’t saying much. Seriously though it is a very good decision by the Tories for once, Johnson is probably the only Conservative who can win the contest.

  5. From the clip it appears that Boris thought he was back at his public school playing rugger against the Beastly Huns.

    Seriously, I think he’ll give Red Ken a closer run than most people think. Time for a change will be on his side.

  6. Ross – sticking an eccentric up against an eccentric is good going!

    Peter – yeah he does eh. Arent you in the US? Hope you are having a good time.

    Well im all signed up to help with his campaign. I may live to regret this. (I hope i can find the time to do this properly too!…)

  7. Alison

    Yeah, have been travelling round New England for the last two weeks, now in Newport Rhode Island. Home on Wednesday night.

    Good luck with the campaign. Sure to be fun.

  8. Alison

    Good for you. I think he has a good chance and as Peter says I’m sure his campaign will be fun.

  9. Oh well done Alison, wish you a great campaign…it would be marvellous to oust Red Ken. Fingers crossed.(or is that forbidden in todays pc environment!)

  10. I dont have broadband so I cant be bothered sitting for half an hour to run that clip, but wasnt that the one with the greatest tackle ever, where Boris broke a German in half?


  11. The British Broadcasting Company are maintaining their prestigious commitment to impartiality :


    we can expect RedKen, the man who saved London from catastrophic mass death by car exhausts and champion of the struggle against the Zionist reporter scum in an upcoming edition, I’m sure.

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