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With regard to the detention of the terrorist collaborator and ex-inmate of Guantanamo Bay, will the Government be stating that  Moazzam Begg used some of the millions he was paid as compensation for his “unjust detention” to travel to Syria in order to play ‘Jihadi’ with the big boys?


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2 thoughts on “I was just a tourist; honest!

  1. Moazzam Begg, another Guardian ‘Columnist’ I think that’s about the third ‘Terrorist’ now that has been arrested after gaining employment as a columnist with the Grauniad.

    The Guardian the home of the righteous

    Double barrel sawnoff shotgun .. check

    Both barrels loaded .. check

    Both feet in sight .. check


    The righteous are there own worst enemies.

  2. ‘I was a tourist’

    Old Mozzam is either the unluckiest bloke on the planet, or he chooses some awful times to go to ‘Weddings and Computor courses’ when there is a civil war going on and in the middle of a battlefield, I wonder if Mozzam has ever seriously thought about going to Yarmouth or Brighton for the day instead 😉

    Well maybe not Brighton 😉

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