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Twenty seven people have been arrested in connection with online child sexual exploitation in Bradford.

The boys and men, aged 16 to 57, were questioned after being arrested at addresses across the city.

More than 60 devices were seized and safeguarding measures put in place for 26 children, police said.

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4 thoughts on “I WONDER WHO …

  1. ” and safeguarding measures put in place for 26 children ”

    ‘safeguarding measures’ Huh! hollow laugh.

  2. The police arrested fathers who had gone to houses where their daughters were being raped with intent to stop the rapes. The police are complicit, and are worse than the rapists: they knew and know what is going on, and they are instrumental in its continuation.

  3. I am with Allan on this. The real criminals are the ones that turned a blind eye to what was, and is, going on. The ones of course being the police and the criminal justice system.

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