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If it wasn’t so annoying, it would be funny;

A group of teenagers dressed as Easter bunnies were turned away from a zoo – amid fears they would ‘psychologically damage’ the animals. Cancer-sufferer Laura Gibson, 15, and her friends were told to change out of their costumes before entry into Edinburgh Zoo in case they upset the creatures. The trip had been planned as a special treat for the teen, who was joined by friends Hannah, Kirsty and Becki Nicholson and her brother Cameron, who was dressed as a chicken. But a Zoo employee told the group of four bunnies and a spring chicken that animals can get scared of people dressing up.

I’ve been to that zoo some years ago and I didn’t realise it employed red herrings…

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  1. It’s hard to see how the animals could have suffered psychological damage from children in fancy dress. The real damage is surely from a life of captivity and the boredom that goes with it.

  2. Peter –

    Yep. Clearly an employee of Edinburgh Zoo lacks self-awareness.

    How was Yorkshire?

  3. Brilliant. We had great weather and great walking in Swaledale. Reeth is amazing – we saw it on a Mediterrnean day. We also went to Ripon and Fountains Abbey.

  4. For once! We go away every year for a few days before easter and this is the first warm one we can remember. Usually we get snow, rain and gales.

    I will never forget Lindisfarne last year – it was blowing an absolute hooley off the North Sea and when we got to Berwick it had a new river flowing down the main street. It was because of memories like this that we opted to stay in Richmond instead of Reeth.

  5. Question is will the amimnals be distressed by the sight of men in skirts? If so perhaps Schotland is the entirely wrong place for them.

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