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Getting out of the EU should be THE major priority for the UK Government. Of course we all know that this is the very thing that they FEAR but they shouldn’t…especially if National prosperity is considered a worthy aim! Consider this;

“We are in surplus with the rest of the world, but in deficit with the EU. Or, to flip it around, the EU is in surplus with us, selling more to Britain than to the US and Japan combined. Customers generally have the upper hand in their talks with salesmen. I hope Mr Cameron strikes a deal with the EU which leaves all sides happier: everyone should want good relations with our neighbours. But, if such a deal is not available, leaving should hold no terrors. We are the seventh largest economy on Earth, the fourth military power, a member of the G8 and one of five permanent seat-holders on the UN Security Council. We are connected by law and language, habit and sentiment, to every continent. In the words of Tennyson: “Though we are not now that strength which, in old days, moved Earth and Heaven, that which we are we are.”

And that we which have we SHOULD maintain.

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One thought on “IF LEAVING EU IS EASY….

  1. Any “renegotiation” would have to include regaining control of our borders. But Cameron will not include that in his list becauses he knows it is unattainable. Even Norway has had to accept free movement of labour as the price of free trade with the EU, but at least it has dodged the disastrous common fisheries regime.

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