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Remploy Ideals:- They set out our primary task as the creation of employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. Giving disabled people a real and worthwhile job gives them the money, self-respect and independence, which is the right of every citizen.

I write of a blind, dogged determination to adhere to ‘Austerity’ and of decisions to cut spending wherever such ‘Savings’ have been identified. I write of a Government which, in truth, has lost all idea of a spirit of generosity, of any idea of human behaviour; in a blind pursuit of a path chosen on purely political grounds; with their use of words which disguise the true nature of their intentions.

Some ATW readers may be familiar with the existence of Remploy factories. All over this country, people, of varying disabilities, both physical and mental, have been able to gain employment which stretches their ambitions without stretching their disabilities. From a small beginning under Labour in 1946, Remploy has grown to an organisation which gives gainful and satisfying employment to over 10,000 people.

Watching and listening to the smug tones of Maria Miller, the ‘Remploy Killer’, I noticed only one thing; a blind determination that she, and her Cabinet colleagues are right, and everyone else is wrong. I have been, a long time ago, a visitor to a Remploy factory, and I can assure any politicians that they don’t consider themselves ‘segregated’ or even ‘disadvantaged’; but work alongside fellow employees who can relate to their fellow workers.

It is true that most Remploy factories run at a loss, but should we be stating that this should be judged not in monetary terms; but in fact in the knowledge that these people are deserving of our support, whatever the cost, whatever the subsidy, whatever the annoyance  which may be generated towards a group of self-serving millionaires masquerading as a Coalition Government.

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5 thoughts on “If ‘Their lips are moving!’ is the answer; guess the question.

  1. Its enough to make man a revolutionary.

    These enterprises have done incalculable good for a very long time. The employees are given a sense of worth and companionship not available anywhere else. To close them down to save less than Bob Diamonds annual salary just has to be the most criminal of acts.

    Closed for what – some facile promise that they will suffer no ill consequence, yeah! we’ve heard that one before!

    To be made redundant in an economic climate where there are some 3 million already unemployed just has to be the most perverse of punishments for our most vulnerable folk, a mental torture worse than anything done in Abu Ghraib.

    Its bad enough for the ordinary Joe being unemployed, but for a disabled person it is a purgatory.

    I have long believed that ordinary folk need to work, without it they go to pieces, for the disabled it is a virtual death penalty.

    Of all the most stupid ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ excercises done by the Tories, in the name of frugal economics, this just has to be the most stupid and short-sighted of all time.

    And so, – Maria Miller dons Thatchers crown of crass stupidity.

    The irony is that any savings made will be swallowed by unemployment claims and disability benefits. So shortsighted perhaps someone should have advised her to have gone to Specsavers…

  2. Two items of news today where the government is attacking some of the most vulnerable in our society.

    Is it a case of ‘get the bad news over and done with’? or could it be a cover for something much worse, perhaps on the international scene? – or are they just so stupid and out-of-touch and perhaps we should forgive them, ‘for they know not what they do!’,

    Whatever, it will be a miracle if I ever vote for them again!

  3. I don’t care if they do run at a loss. They gave dignity (contributing to society, not just taking) and opportunities for social interaction. This decision must surely rank with cutting back on our armed forces for political stupidity.
    It’s similar to the stoopidity of having a non competitive attitude to sports in schools whilst importing football players for our Premier League, and getting excited about the Britain’s prospects in the Olympics whilst saying tha “all must have prizes!”

    Joined up thinking? I think NOT!

  4. It is amazing that they would try to cut this program. I would think that it might very well be possible to reform it if they put their minds to it.

  5. So if they close the Rempoy factories (to save public money) then it is self evident that many of the disabled employees will not find it easy to gain meaningful employment elsewhere in an already difficult climate. They will simply have to go back to living off benefits (costing more public money) .

    Talk about joined up government.

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