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I am no fan of Nick Griffin, but I reckon he has as much right as anyone else to say and speak his mind.

So, did this letter, authored by this M.E.P. but sent by the Syrian Speaker and linked here, diminish or stop the threatened Allied bombing of Syria?

Ignore, as I do, the slightly strange references to the Zionists, but perhaps concentrate on his claims that his efforts helped stop a regional war.

My conclusion; Interesting; but also the silence which surrounds this speech says a great deal more than anything within the speech itself. No denunciation, no harsh words of condemnation from ITV, which strangely enough did not broadcast the speech which they recorded; nothing much from the BBC, which always says something, usually nasty, about that same BNP and its slightly wayward followers; the Guardian writes a more-than-slightly snide piece, but doesn’t comment on the speech at all: very interesting.

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4 thoughts on “If you bomb us, shall we not bleed?

  1. Good post Mike! – plenty of food for thought and discussion, and what a change to listen to a politician and not have doubts about agenda and content. What he said made a lot of sense and didn’t provoke instant disbelief, as when the usual suspects say their piece which is then immediately dismissed as propaganda.

    Admittedly he doesn’t have the smooth pesentation skills of Cameron or Obama, and yes, he was boosting support for himself, but then, he was speaking to his party conference, so a little self publicity is acceptable.

    If the media in the UK had the guts to do more than just file that letter, perhaps ‘nationalist’ politics might not be quite so reviled whenever their name is mentioned, and perhaps that so important ‘No’ vote would not have been such a close run thing.

    It just goes to show that even a modicum of honesty can be so enlightening!

  2. There’s no doubt that Nick Griffin pulled off a very considerable ‘coup’ in getting into Syria in the first place, and then being allowed to travel around Damascus filming from a taxi, as he did, unhindered.
    Also, Assad’s government would have been fully aware that he was the leader of a British national party, un-tainted as it is by any allegiance with Cameron or Obama.
    Assad clearly felt he had an ally in Nick Griffin.

    It’s quite conceivable that the filing of that letter proved the tipping point that averted a military intervention.
    There must be many instances in history where a single speech or letter changed the course of history.
    Let’s hope he can move on now from that disastrous ‘Question Time’ débâcle that cost him so dear.

  3. The problem is, Bernard, most people aren’t racist pond life, so Griffin will never be very popular.

  4. Let’s hope he can move on now from that disastrous ‘Question Time’ débâcle that cost him so dear

    Question Time wasn’t the only TV show that Griffin made a fool of himeself on. Here he is being taken apart by Stephen Nolan, a BBC NI presenter.

    Good job it’s a regional TV show eh?

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