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I was fascinated to read read that the Obama administration was cheering on the inclusion of a ‘do not Track‘ button on all Web Browsers because:-

White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer Daniel Weitzner said the do-not-track option should clear up confusion among consumers who “think they are expressing a preference and it ends up, for a set of technical reasons, that they are not.”

This of course from an Executive Branch which continues to observe and reinforce the Patriot Act.

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25 thoughts on “If you cannot afford an attorney……..forget it!

  1. What’s wrong with the Patriot Act?

    Plaase give me a few names of innocent persons who have been harmed by it.

  2. I’m with the Phantom on this one. There’s not a thing wrong with the Patriot act.

    About the only person I know who was “harmed” with extreme prejudice by the patriot act was Osama bin Laden.


    And maybe a few other Mooslime “hellfire” recipients as well.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. What’s wrong with the Patriot Act? Here’s what’s in ‘Patriot II’:

    SECTION 501 (Expatriation of Terrorists) expanded the Bush (and all subsequent) administration’s “enemy combatant” definition to all American citizens who “may” have violated any provision of Section 802 of the first Patriot Act. (Section 802 is the new definition of domestic terrorism, and the definition is “any action that endangers human life that is a violation of any Federal or State law.”) Section 501 of the second Patriot Act directly connects to Section 125 of the same act. The Justice Department boldly claims that the incredibly broad Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act isn’t broad enough and that a new, unlimited definition of terrorism is needed.

    Under Section 501 a US citizen engaging in lawful activities can be grabbed off the street and thrown into a van never to be seen again. The Justice Department states that they can do this because the person “had inferred from conduct” that they were not a US citizen. Note that Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act states that any violation of Federal or State law can result in the “enemy combatant” terrorist designation.

    SECTION 201 of the second Patriot Act makes it a criminal act for any member of the government or any citizen to release any information concerning the incarceration or whereabouts of detainees. It also states that law enforcement does not even have to tell the press who they have arrested and they never have to release the names.

    SECTION 301 and 306 (Terrorist Identification Database) set up a national database of “suspected terrorists” and radically expand the database to include anyone associated with suspected terrorist groups and anyone involved in crimes or having supported any group designated as “terrorist.” These sections also set up a national DNA database for anyone on probation or who has been on probation for any crime, and orders State governments to collect the DNA for the Federal government.

    SECTION 312 gives immunity to law enforcement engaging in spying operations against the American people and would place substantial restrictions on court injunctions against Federal violations of civil rights across the board.

    SECTION 101 will designate individual terrorists as foreign powers and again strip them of all rights under the “enemy combatant” designation.

    SECTION 102 states clearly that any information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are illegal, can be considered to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power. This makes news gathering illegal.

    SECTION 103 allows the Federal government to use wartime martial law powers domestically and internationally without Congress declaring that a state of war exists.

    SECTION 106 is bone-chilling in its straightforwardness. It states that broad general warrants by the secret FSIA court (a panel of secret judges set up in a star chamber system that convenes in an undisclosed location) granted under the first Patriot Act are not good enough. It states that government agents must be given immunity for carrying out searches with no prior court approval. This section throws out the entire Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    SECTION 109 allows secret star chamber courts to issue contemp charges against any individual or corporation who refuses to incriminate themselves or others. This sections annihilate the last vestiges of the Fifth Amendment.

    SECTION 110 restates that key police state clauses in the first Patriot Act were not sunsetted and removes the five year sunset clause from other subsections of the first Patriot Act. After all, the media has told us: “this is the New America. Get used to it. This is forever.”

    SECTION 111 expands the definition of the “enemy combatant” designation.

    SECTION 122 restates the government’s newly announced power of “surveillance without a court order.”

    SECTION 123 restates that the government no longer needs warrants and that the investigations can be a giant dragnet-style sweep described in press reports about the Total Information Awareness Network. One passage reads, “thus the focus of domestic surveillance may be less precise than that directed against more conventional types of crime.”

    *Note: Over and over again, in subsection after subsection, the second Patriot Act states that its new Soviet-type powers will be used to fight international terrorism, domestic terrorism and other types of crimes. Of course the government has already announced in Section 802 of the first USA Patriot Act that any crime is considered domestic terrorism.

    SECTION 126 grants the government the right to mine the entire spectrum of public and private sector information from bank records to educational and medical records. This is the enacting law to allow ECHELON and the Total Information Awareness Network to totally break down any and all walls of privacy.

    The government states that they must look at everything to “determine” if individuals or groups might have a connection to terrorist groups. As you can now see, you are guilty until proven innocent.

    SECTION 127 allows the government to takeover coroners’ and medical examiners’ operations whenever they see fit. See how this is like Bill Clinton’s special medical examiner he had in Arkansas that ruled that people had committed suicide when their arms and legs had been cut off.

    SECTION 128 allows the Federal government to place gag orders on Federal and State Grand Juries and to take over the proceedings. It also disallows individuals or organizations to even try to quash a Federal subpoena. So now defending yourself will be a terrorist action.

    SECTION 129 destroys any remaining whistleblower protection for Federal agents.

    SECTION 202 allows corporations to keep secret their activities with toxic biological, chemical or radiological materials.

    SECTION 205 allows top Federal officials to keep all their financial dealings secret, and anyone investigating them can be considered a terrorist. This should be very useful for Dick Cheney to stop anyone investigating Haliburton.

    SECTION 303 sets up national DNA database of suspected terrorists. The database will also be used to “stop other unlawful activities.” It will share the information with state, local and foreign agencies for the same purposes.

    SECTION 311 federalizes your local police department in the area of information sharing.

    SECTION 313 provides liability protection for businesses, especially big businesses that spy on their customers for Homeland Security, violating their privacy agreements. It goes on to say that these are all preventative measures – has anyone seen Minority Report? This is the access hub for the Total Information Awareness Network.

    SECTION 321 authorizes foreign governments to spy on the American people and to share information with foreign governments.

    SECTION 322 removes Congress from the extradition process and allows officers of the Homeland Security complex to extradite American citizens anywhere they wish. It also allows Homeland Security to secretly take individuals out of foreign countries.

    SECTION 402 is titled “Providing Material Support to Terrorism.” The section reads that there is no requirement to show that the individual even had the intent to aid terrorists.

    SECTION 403 expands the definition of weapons of mass destruction to include any activity that affects interstate or foreign commerce.

    SECTION 404 makes it a crime for a terrorist or “other criminals” to use encryption in the commission of a crime.

    SECTION 408 creates “lifetime parole” (basically, slavery) for a whole host of crimes.

    SECTION 410 creates no statute of limitations for anyone that engages in terrorist actions or supports terrorists. Remember: any crime is now considered terrorism under the first Patriot Act.

    SECTION 411 expands crimes that are punishable by death. Again, they point to Section 802 of the first Patriot Act and state that any terrorist act or support of terrorist act can result in the death penalty.

    SECTION 421 increases penalties for terrorist financing. This section states that any type of financial activity connected to terrorism will result to time in prison and $10-50,000 fines per violation.

    SECTIONS 427 sets up asset forfeiture provisions for anyone engaging in terrorist activities.

  4. Every American taxpayer is a victim, because the Patriot Act has cost a fortune. If you want a specific name, google is full of them. Try Brandon Mayfield:

    The Patriot Act weakened the requirements the government needed under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in order to bug my home and office, and this weakening of the law – now found unconstitutional – caused the framework designed to protect the innocent to fail.”

    The qustion misses the point in any case. A prime American liberty is to have a government which exists within the confines of the law. The Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional and injurious to American customs and liberties, That alone is sufficient reason for it to be torn up and for those who brought it about to be prosecuted for treason against the constitution.

  5. Phantom –

    Read a link for once.

    Your question is misguided in any case. I’m not aware of a court ruling that gravity exists, but it does so. The Patriot Act is clearly unconstitutional in a number of ways to anyone with a couple of brain cells.

  6. This link doesn’t address the question.

    Sorry if you don’t like this necessary legislation, which most Americans have supported since it came to be.

    Look outside the textbook, son.

  7. I agree with you Pete, regarding the Patriot Act – the over reach is obvious and it should be repealed asap – and I also agree with Ron Paul who said in the debate that the Congress should officially declare war – not go to war through the back door – funding it and approving it without declaring it – as happened with the Iraq War.

  8. It appears that there is no Centralized Bureacratic agency or policy that you do not support, Phantom.

    …for the children, of course.

  9. You’re winging it and are sloganeering again.

    It’s a post 9/11 world. We’d have been insane not to have enacted the internet surveillance, anti money laundering and other provisions of this legislation.

    You don’t even know what the Patriot Act is, my friend. But you’re against it.

  10. Don’t get mad, Phantom.

    you as ultimatum questions like: “you wouldn’t keep any provisions…any at all?” and you are surprised that I blow you off? You like to fight in the weeds. Go ahead but leave me out.

  11. What is this post-9/11 world nonsense?

    Yes, the outcome was devastasting, but three planes were hijacked. Hundreds of planes have been hijacked over the decades in many countries. The essential element of 9/11 was not at all out of the ordinary, not in any way.

    This “post 9/11 world” line is blatant propaganda, repeated time and time again by evil people, to cow the people into subservience and compliance.

  12. This wasn’t the only terrorist incident against US interests by the one group.

    The attack on the USS Cole, the attacks on the African embassies, were all AQ Missions.

    There is no nonsense. Their operatives were here, and still are here and we must react to the new realities or die.

    Their goals are clear and they go a lot further than one attack on a September morning

  13. 4 planes were hijacked. And these 4 were not hijacked for the same purpose as prior hijackings.

    People can debate the various provisions of the Patriot Act, some might be overbroad, but there hasn’t been some wholesale police state as the Ronbots would claim.

  14. Phantom –

    You’re simply repeating the very same words the media pumped into your head ceaselessly for years.

    The IRA committed vastly more attacks against Britons than the Al-Q evildoers have done to the US, the same for many other terror groups in many other countries, and neither we nor the Germans, Spaniards, the French or Italians had a collective mental breakdown.

    Here’s the irony. Quite a few Americans (GOP types) talk of euroweenies, implying that Americans are the tough, rugged guys, yet one attack, just one caused total national panic and a demented response born of outright fear which the government played upon and encouraged.

  15. Mahons –

    “And these 4 were not hijacked for the same purpose as prior hijackings.”

    Of course they were. The purpose was terror, and it was wildly successful because many Americans have lived in terror ever since.

  16. Pete

    You are the one who lives in terror.

    I don’t live in fear. I walk down Wall Street and take the NYC subway five days a week, and fly, including to London, as often as I can. I made a point to fly from London to NYC on September 11, 2002, in s 90% empty American Airlines plane.

    I’ve taken holiday in Israel and in Belfast back in the day.

    I have a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm in my house. This does not mean I am ” terrified ” of fire. It means that I take precautions and then live my life.

    Americans are like that. It would have been extremely reckless not to have reacted to a post 9/11 world. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    Taking reasonable precautions against a threat is only prudent.

  17. Phantom –

    I said that of Americans generally, and then you confirmed I’m right by saying your 9/11/02 flight to NYC was almost empty.

    Come on, what is all this “Their operatives were here, and still are here and we must react to the new realities or die. Their goals are clear …” talk?

    Normal people don’t talk like that. It’s sounds like you swallowed a DHS leaflet.

  18. Sorry that we took legislative action that you disagreed with.

    We’ll be sure to consult you the next time.

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