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Goya is a large food company in the US. Their rice, beans and many other foods are on the tables of many tens of millions of Latinos ( and many others ) every night.

A year ago, some were upset when Goya’s chief executive praised Donald Trump. They called for a national boycott. One which quickly went nowhere. Latinos will stop eating Goya on the same day that the Chinese stop eating rice.

In yesterday’s Times, I see that a coalition of ” faith leaders ” are calling for a boycott of Home Depot, the large Georgia-based home improvement chain. The faith guys aren’t saying that Home Depot did bad things. They’re saying that Home Depot should be punished because the corporation didn’t fight the new Georgia voting law.

The Georgia law looks to be a mixture of bad and good changes. I’m not getting into the weeds on it. But I don’t think that the law is ” Jim Crow “, as the wraith president has been told that it is. Let no slogan go unsaid.

If you want me to agree with you, that’s fine. If you want to force me- or anyone else – to agree with you, it is you and your movement that I’ll oppose.

I’ve got Goya red beans soaking in the kitchen. I’ll shop at Home Depot this weekend.

The Home Depot boycott will flop as the Goya boycott did. Retail consumers won’t be told what to do.

Boycott boycotts!

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5 thoughts on “I’m Boycotting Boycotts

  1. Boycotts to me are dumb and don’t work. What works when it works is PR. The fear that bad Pr will hurt your brand.

    The boycott of goya is a good example as Phantom said Mexican and those from south of our border or their descendant’s living here in the US are not going to stop buying and eating their products, but the boycott started by the woke increased their sales to the point that grocery stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves as Betty and Jane went to do their weekly food shopping grabbed what they used to look at as funny named yellow can of whatever. The company still can not keep up with demand.

    Now I’ve drank CocaCola my whole life it’s my preferred drink, but I won’t buy it and I’ve never bought Pepsi if I had a choice, but these 2 companies make almost every soda in the States. Every restaurant has one or the other, they make or own every other flavor/brand that exist except the very local soda companies so you could boycott them all you want it won’t hurt them financially.

    The ONLY thing that can hurt or help companies like this are good or bad publicity, and that is what they respond to, so the fact that a 60yr coke drinker won’t drink coke means nothing.

    The woke attacking Home Depot and demanding a boycott because they don’t bow to the woke is laughable. They don’t know the companies history the owner founder will never bow to that kind of pressure, but more important Home Depot’s clientele are over 90% Self Employed Contractors. People of every race, color, and political alignment buy their tools, wood, drywall, nails, screws, paint, lumber, cabinets, doors, etc etc These people WORK for a living and Home Depot is their supply company. No matter their political alignment they aren’t going to tell Mr & Mrs Smith sorry your Bathroom/Kitchen/Deck etc won’t get finished this week because I refuse to shop at Home Depot….

    good post Phantom.

  2. Ken Langone is a NY based businessman / financier ( facts which will make the bigots hate him off the bat )

    He organized the financing for Home Depot, got it going.

    He has donated hundreds of millions to New York University and to local hospitals.

    The major hospital near me is now named after him. His donations funded new buildings and a major and fully equipped trauma center. When the next major accident involving multiple seriously injured happens, that facility will be mighty handy.



    This is the type of person who these clueless, rudderless woke preachers want to boycott.

  3. He’s a great guy, the salt of the Earth as far as I have ever read.

    (still on vacation, but everyone is sleeping off yesterdays activities, and I found a wifi connection in the woods)

    Good post, thanks

  4. Thanks

    Quite chilly up here.

    Spring went away, but it’ll be back Saturday when it will be 69 degrees

  5. yeah I brought the cold south with me….. I’m right on the Georgia/Tennessee border we went to Dollywood yesterday and rode roller coasters all day… froze my ass off…

    Supposed to be nicer today.

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