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 – Migrants (sic) committed more than a dozen rapes or sexual assaults every day in 2017, a four-fold increase since 2014, the year before Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into Germany more than a million mostly Muslim male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

– A quarterly report — Criminality in the Context of Migration published by the Federal Criminal Police Office showed that migrants (defined as asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants) committed 3,466 sex crimes during the first nine months of 2017 — or around 13 a day.

– The director of the Criminal Police Association, André Schulz, estimates that up to 90% of the sex crimes committed in Germany do not appear in the official statistics.

Merkel and her lunatic, extremist faction has entirely sacrificed German girls and women on the alter of virtue-signalling smugness.

They have to go home. Every last one of them.

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  1. The law of unintended consequences. They’ll go to the EU’s dumping ground for undesirables, criminals terrorists and assorted throwouts drop outs and stop outs. Yep that’s us.

  2. This is not an “unintended” consequence – it was both foreseeable and deliberate. If it were an ‘error’, the error would be corrected and the rapey horde returned to their homelands, but that’s not happening.

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