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It’s called Supply and Demand, Mr. President… Ya Marooon!

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20 thoughts on “In Honor of $6 a Gallon

  1. Bullshit post. It attempts to propogate the lie that America could be self-sufficient in oil at a cheaper price than $100 per barrel. Anyone interested can google on world oil reserves and get a clear picture, or you could make a start here.

    Or you could choose to believe what Exxon-Mobil are saying without bothering to check any facts.
    Or think for yourself. Whatever.

  2. Conservatives are supposed to be big states rights guys

    Well the huge coastline states of Florida and California want no part of offshore oil production and the still recent Gulf Oil Spill won’t exactly change their minds on that.

    You may want to override the states’ wishes on this, and maybe I would too, but no Republican or Democratic president is ever going to take the lead on that one.

  3. LOL! And how much will it cost to extract?

    The old ratio was $1 cost for $10 of oil. Now it’s about $4 for $10 on average, and rising, as the easy oil reserves run out.

    The Gulf of Mexico disaster has probably wiped out BP as an independent company. I used to be a shareholder and I sold out at a loss just before that happened. But the point is that a lot of the remaining oil reserves are increasingly hard to get at – that’s why they haven’t been tapped already. New drilling technology will help, but the price is headed ever upwards – a lethal combination of more expensive drilling and ever growing demand.

    I think that gas fracking will be a game-changer, especially in the USA. But it will take at least 20 years to convert cars to gas and set up the infrastructure of pipelines and filling stations. So we are stuck with oil for now, and its price is only going in one direction, and our living standards will suffer as a result. The age of cheap oil has gone for ever and “drill drill drill” will not bring it back, whatever the lying politicians claim.

    Read Chris Martenson to get a handle on this. Or stay in your comfort zone. Whatever.

  4. I support pursuing all alternatives, and would fast track approval of Keystone XL as part of it.

    Blocking it is an unfriendly act to Canada, a gift to China, and is bad for our energy security.

  5. This is a very important issue to the environmental lobbies.

    If he approved the pipeline, they’d turn against him big time.

    That’s it.

  6. Phantom, whoever runs against Obama is going to run on opening up ALL the oil fields. Goofball Peter it became financially viable the day it went above $45 a Barral and that was with old style drilling.

    Now with fracking and horizontal drilling it is VERY affordable, the boom that Obama keeps talking about the increase in our oil production is a direct result of the new technology.

    You see the dirty little secret the press won’t tell you is the increase of our oil production is due to only 10 percent of the fields. The fields which just happen to be owned privately not controlled by the government.

    90% of the fields are still shut down, now mind you Obama did open back up 80 million acres of the gulf , but that was after he had shut down 100 million acres. So this massive area he has opened up, he forgets to mention that he was the one that closed it.

    drill here drill now, drill right through a baby polar bears head…..

  7. Show me the quotes where any of these candidates or other major GOP types endorse forcing Florida or California to accept drilling

    They’ll never do it, regardless of the national interest.

  8. And this drilling ban is not an Obama policy. It has been respected by Bushes One and Teo, and I think ny Ford and Nixon also

    It’s not new at all

  9. bullshit… Newt is already running on $2.50 a Gallon Gas, he has stated repeatedly that on his first day via special order he is lifting all drilling bands and suspending anyone’s standing to oppose it in court.

    Come out of the bubble…. the air is clean and sweet, and your knowledge of the real US will grow…..

  10. but Phantom just yesterday you stated that you have listened to endless hours of Newts positions…. how can you not know?

  11. So all the US needs to do is elect Newt and “drill drill drill” will see oil fall from $100 a barrel to $50 a barrel. It’s that simple, for simple folk. LOL.

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